Real Name: VIC V. DABAO
(Production Designer, Visual Artist)
Contact Number: 09174050190 / 5899198 / 4852283
Email Address:
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To promote the Art and it’s Artist. To give them ideas, encourage them to learn to use their God-given talent. I’m promoting any type of art, music, film, craft and theater. An artist studies all mediums and is not afraid to use it. To be creative, you have to experiment. Not just to paint but to know you’re not just a painter, but an artist. I share my knowledge about art and I’ve been doing this for a long time now. I teach and supervise in every company I worked for, and some of my students became professional artists having their own art shops and own jobs. They now open their mind and heart to be a better artist. Being creative is what it is all about and being unafraid to explore, and the truth that we are a part of this world. We aim to teach everybody and to let them appreciate art.


  • Illustrator (Books, Comics, Storyboard, etc.,)
  • Painter (Any medium)
  • Sculptor (Any materials)
  • Ideas and Design Consultant
  • Character Designer (Ideas, costume, etc.,)
  • Resin Designer
  • Float Maker Designer
  • Bottle Glass Painter
  • Ideas Designer (Craft, Functional Art, etc.,)
  • Indigenous Art
  • Recycle Art
  • Costume, Sets, Props, Designer
  • Stage Designer and Light Director,
  • Past actor and dancer (part of stage group under Mr. Jess Aiko, Iloilo City)
  • Tagalog Writer (Script, Movie, T.V, Stage Play, Comics, Books )
  • 9 Times Solo Exhibit 1960 to 1973 (craft, sculpture, poster, ad Ideas, Painting, etc.)

PRODUCTION DESIGNER (for Movie, Television, Stage play)


  • Sweet Revenge, Born to Fight, Sand Wars, Robowar, Zombie II & III, Trident Team, Freedom Run, Double Target 1-2 and More.


  • Siga at Sosyal, Gayuma, Isang Bala Ka Lang, Bukas Tatakpan Ka Ng Dyaryo, Lorenzo Ruiz, Romano Sagrado, Paano Kita Malilimutan, Comfort Women, Impaktita, Kool Ka Lang, Sobra-Sobra Labis Labis, etc.

ART DIRECTOR / FOUNDER (previous companies worked for)

  • Art Director and Founder (Aquarius Advertising)
  • Art Director and Founder (Vision Ad)
  • Art Director and Founder (Friends Workshop)
  • Art Director and Consultant (Eurotex Duplicates Renaissance and Baroque Arts of Europe – German Company)
  • Designer for Resin (Casa Michaela)
  • Functional Art and other ideas artist (Christmas Treasury Co.)
  • Free Lance (Home Interior Design, textile designer, Use of recycle materials, Indigenous materials)
  • Handicraft Designer and Ideas Consultant (Hand painted Cloth Designer – gown, barong, t-shirt, shirt and pants, shoes, etc.)
  • Stage Designer and Lights director
  • Carver (Confinco Marketing Iloilo City – furniture)


2004 – Designer, Float maker (Independence Day Parade)
2003 – Designer, Float maker (Independence Day Parade)
1998 – Designer and supervision float maker (Department of Tourism: Centennial Parade)
          Designed the Rizal Park (Millennium Celebration – Dept. of Tourism)

TAGALOG WRITER (Released and unreleased literary works for Film and Television)

  • Romano Sagrado (Mga Talim sa Dilim) I & II
  • Mananabas (Ligaw na Talahib)
  • Mananabas II & III
  • Death Zone (International)
  • Solitaryo (Sa Daigdig ng Maligno)
  • Mga Babae sa Dilim
  • Bungong Pula (Lason)
  • Balahibo (Anak ng Maligno)
  • Ang Princesa sa Tabi ng Batis (Stage play, Librong Pambata)
  • Sigbin (Anino sa Likod ng Buwan)
  • Paraluman (Hahalimuyak ng Pulbura)
  • Ang Huling Bayani
  • Junior Apache (Kalaban ng Lahat)
  • Batas ng Bala
  • Basagan ng Bungo
  • Bilog ang Buwan ng Dumating Ka (Television)
  • Oriang: Ang Lakambini (Centennial literary works)
  • Mga Dagang Bangketa (Boy Lola)


2008 – Quezon City Hall Exhibit: Alay kay Inay Foundation and Batang Kyusi Foundation
2007 – Salin Gamit Art Exhibit (Film Academy of the Philippines)
2006 – 1st Philippine Art Jamboree 2006 (DMST Complex University of the Philippines)
2006 – Sinag Exhibit “Blossoms” (Frogetti Enterprises Arts Month)
2006 – Independence Day Celebration Exhibit (Kanlungan ng Sining Luneta Park)
2006 – Rizal Day Celebration (Kanlungan ng Sining Rizal Park)
2005 – Unidiverpsychology Inaugural Exhibit (Frame of Mind Gallery)
2005 – Independence Day Celebration Exhibit (Kanlungan ng Sining Luneta Park)
2005 – Rizal Day Celebration (Kanlungan ng Sining Rizal Park)
2004 – International Fine Art Manila Festival (GSIS Museum)
2004 – Korea Professional Art Fair (White, Blue, Red, Green Gallery -Korea)
2004 – Tikbalang (In Honor of the late Solomon Saprid) S.P.S (Kanlungan ng Sining)
2004 – Asia Art Festival (GSIS Museum)
2004 – Our Lady of Piat Exhibit Art Session (Cagayan Province-Tuguegarao City)
2004 – Independence Day Celebration Exhibit (Kanlungan ng Sining Luneta Park)
2004 – Rizal Day Celebration (Kanlungan ng Sining Rizal Park)
2003 – Pistang Sining sa Kanlungan National Arts Month (Kanlungan ng Sining Luneta Park)
2003 – Independence Day Celebration Exhibit (Kanlungan ng Sining Luneta Park)
2003 – Rizal Day Celebration (Kanlungan ng Sining Rizal Park)
2003 – Bangus at Iba pa – Visual Art Exhibit (Dagupan City)
2003 – Kite Art Exhibit – UNESCO World Heritage Kite (Westin Phil. Plaza)
2003 – Korea Philippines International Exhibition of New Formative Art (Korea Gallery)
2000 – Kasining Exhibit for Peace, Freedom, Prosperity Independence Day (Dept. of Agriculture Bldg.)
           Korea Fine Art Biennale (Korea Gallery)
           Manila Biennale (GSIS Museum)
           Comics Exhibit (NCCA building)
           ART Filipinas (SENATE Exhibits)


  • Kasaysayan Art Group
  • Art Magic International
  • Production Designer Guild of the Philippines (PDGP)
  • Screenwriter Guild of the Philippines (SGP)
  • Honorary Member – Sinag
  • Former Board of Director – Art Association of the Philippines (AAP)
  • Sculpture of the Philippines Society (SPS)
  • Earth Art (para sa kalikasan art group )
  • Art Filipinas

2008 – Inter Agency Summit: Kalahi Cultural Caregiving on MDG’s, Bottle Painting and Collage Workshop (clamshell) (NCCA)
2007 – Art Exhibit: Salin Gamit (Film Academy Philippines)
2007 – Artist for Murals Painting (Mitsubishi Motors Philippines)
2006 – Participation and Judging (1st Philippine Art Jamboree)
2006 – Guest and Judge – The Artwork Young Artist (Taiwan Museum of Art)
2006 – Judge – Sinag Pinoy Anime Earth Day on the spot painting contest (Antipolo)
2006 – Judge – Sibol Earth Day Art Display (spot painting contest for children)
2005 – Participant for a fund raising project for the benefit of St. Catherine’s School in Nueva Vizcaya (St. Catherine School Alumni Foundation Inc.)
2004 – Participant – Art Celebration: Samut Saring Sining (SSS Art Club)
2004 – Participant – Operation Blessing Award Philippines, Inc. (Heart for Life Painting)
2002 – Finalist – Competition and Exhibition (Letras y Figuras)
2001 – Participant – The 10th International Biennal Print and Drawing Exhibition R.O.C (Taipei Fine Art Museum)
2000 – 3rd place – X-Men Mutant Drawing Competition (Comic Quest)
1999 – Participant – 9th International Biennal Print Drawing Exhibition R.O.C
1999 – First Place – Sail a Boat Design Competition (The first admiral’s boracay paraw regatta)
1999 – Participant for Scriptwriting Contest – Ang Dagang Bangketa (Film Development Foundation of the Philippine)
1997 – Board of Judges (Miss Palayan City)
1995 – The best of Filipino Film – Gayuma (6th Annual Filipino Critix Pix – Daily Informer Iloilo City)
1995 – Best Production Design, Best Set Design – Gayuma (6th Annual Filipino Critix Pix – Iloilo City)
1995 – Best Special Effects – Romano Sagrado (6th Annual Filipino Critix Pix)
1986 – Distinct Honor Award – Paano Kita Malilimutan (Ateneo De Manila University – Dept. of Communication)
1981 – Participant – Cartoon International Contest (The Yomiuri Shimbun, Tokyo Japan)
Participant – Sining Gising: Workshop, Longest Murals, On the spot painting competition, Comics Conventions and exhibits (NCCABuilding)
Nominee – Best Production Design – Lorenzo Ruiz (Film Academy, Urian Award, Catholic Media Award)