Movie Producers and Distributors Association of the Philippines


Everything started in a coffee shop with a handful of coffee lovers. When a reliable, if selfish information dawned upon the group of Senator Jose Diokno, a respectable lawmaker was sponsoring a bill, Senate Bill No. 1091 (Diokno Movie Bill) which, among others, sought a drastic cutback on foreign film importations allegedly to help the “dying state” of the local movie industry, purportedly caused by a “movie-business-disease” called uncontrollable influx of low budgeted and mediocre foreign films in the country.

Obviously, there was “panic” in the local movie side, especially among those who fed the accommodating senator with misleading information. What Diokno and his informers most probably forgot was the fact that the bill was also creating “panic” to the foreign film importers, especially the small independent distributors who were also Filipino citizens.

The coffee habitués mostly connected with small independent importers decided, right then and there, that the Diokno Bill must be stopped before they are annihilated from the business world.

The Diokno Bill must be stopped! How could the group do it? “Lets fight together for survival” – And so, the Integrated Movie Producers-Importers-Distributors-Association of the Philippines (IMPIDAP) came into being, inspired as it were be survival together. Herminigildo Aragon, one of the coffee habitués, became the first president when MPDAP (former IMPIDAP) was formed in 1969.

The fight for survival belongs to history now – IMPIDAP now a MOVIE PRODUCERS AND DISTRIBUTORS ASSOCIATION OF THE PHILIPPINES (MPDAP) is already on its 39th year of existence.

MPDAP Officers

Leonardo G. Monteverde

Wilson Yu Tieng
Vice President Internal
William Lao

Corp. Secretary
Bobby Suarez Jr.
Karla Yulo Que
Laila Dee

Directors at Large

Antonio Matoto Alice Poltan

Prima Pascual Milagrosa Pascual Maice Imperial