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In the beginning is the WORD…The exciting world of filmmaking begins with the SCREENWRITER. While filmmaking is collaborative effort of producer, director, actor, screenwriter, cinematographer, editor, musical director and other film craftsmen, the screenwriters needs an organization to protect and assert his interest and rights within the context of the collaborative hierarchy.

There had been early attempts to unite all practicing screenwriters in the local film community. In 1975, the Philippine Screenwriters, Inc., under the patronage of the late Dr. Guillermo C. de Vega, then Board of Censors chairman, was organized and led by novelist Ave Perez Jacob. The PSI ceased to exist with the demise of De Vega. Then in 1977, the BUKLOD NG MANDUDULANG PAMPELIKULA NG PILIPINAS was formed with Antonio S. Mortel as its president. The BUKLOD was envisioned and organized within the union-concept. Other pressing activities of its founding members paved way for the inevitable death of the BUKLOD.

However, committed screenwriters continued to pursue their unifying efforts and in 1980, the Screenwriters Guild of the Philippines was form with an interim board served as the foundation for the formal organization of the SGP. Through the progressive and enlightened leadership of journalist-poet turned screenwriters Jose F. Lacaba, the SGP welded all working screenwriters in the local movie community into a single democratic organization.

The SGP held its first general elections on June 7, 1981 for its first set of officers for 1981-1982, at the Magna Tech Omni Studio in Quezon City.

The SGP was formally registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on July 17, 1981 as non-stock and non-profit corporation.

Aimed to improve the quality of scripts as a means of contributing to the progress of the entertainment industry. New writers are encouraged thru the scriptwriting workshops that SGP conducts from time to time. Aside from film scriptwriters, SGP has broadened the horizons to include TV, radio and stage scriptwriters plus other creative writers as well.

2016-2018 SGP Officers

Dr. Isabel Sebullen

Moises Anthony P. Cruz
Vice President
Benjie Corpuz


Keem Biton
Shelly Lao
Adviser and Membership Coordinator
Omer Oscar Almenario

Board of Directors

Danilo Jurado Hernan Robles

Perry de Guzman Wilden Anonuevo