For the past 25 years, these 25 screenwriters have been practicing their craft and art, with the level of consistency, dedication and quality that has contributed invaluably to the uplift of the local cinema. Many of them have graduated to direction and some other ventures but they are still at it – SCREENWRITING!

He is a veteran screenwriter for the past three decades. His latest screenplay is “Ang Supremo” a Ramon Revilla Sr. starrer of which he is nominated at the 7th Film Academy Awards.

He is a veteran writer, director, producer in the past three decades. Mr. Marquez is the father of Melanie Marquez, a Miss International title holder and actor Joey Marquez. His work includes “Agatona”, and he won the Best Director award in the metro Manila Film Festival for his work “The Untold Story of Melanie Marquez”.

He is one of the pioneer radio and T.V soap opera writers. He is also a veteran writer-director with his famous works like “The Life Story of Julie Vega” and Mga Anghel ng Diyos”

Long identified with the films of then plain actor Joseph Estrada, Augusto has been consistent awardee as a writer (most of his statuettes were from Famas). Among his acclaimed films were: Kalibre 45 (1957); Psycho Sex Killer (1970); Kill the Pusher (1972); Erap is my Guy (1973); Geron Busabos (1964); Ito ang Pilipino (1966); Ang Uliran (1971); and Tanikalang Dugo (1973). The last mentioned film won in the Quezon City Film Festival. His recent direction is highly-acclaimed “Sa Kuko ng Agila”.

Chaning is also an old hand at Sampaguita Pictures, and in fact, a favorite of the late Dr. Pinggot Perez among his writers. Though considered a comedy writer, some of his efforts had earned him prestigious awards, such as that one in 1954 (Southeast Asia Film Festival) for “Ang Asawa Kong Amerikana”. In 1975, he won in the Metro Manila Film Festival for “Batu-Bato sa Langit”, in between such sexy works like Sabrina, Pang-Umaga, Pang-Tanghali at Pang-Gabi. Currently, he writes and directs for Regal Films.

A known writer-director of Radio, T.V and Movie for the past three decades. He is best remembered as the writer-director of the T.V series entitled “Kahapon Lamang” with former Senator Eddie Ilarde. He is also the writer-director of the once popular T.V soap opera, “Yagit”. Among his best films were “Diego Bandido” with Jess Lapid Jr., and Vic Vargas, and “Sisang Tabak” with Alma Moreno and Vic Vargas.

He is not only a veteran screenwriter but also a veteran film editor and T.V and movie director. He also directs documentary films, movie and T.V commercials. His first script was “Triplets” in 1958. He is known for his blockbuster “Max and Jess”, a Dolphy and Panchito Starrer, in “Darling, Buntis Ka Na Naman” and “Ambrocio Defontorum”. He also has directed his own script, the popular T.V. series “Superlolo”, with Bayani Casimiro in the title role. His latest is the commercial film “Jacky Tiyan” with Herbert Bautista as the leading man.

A veteran screenwriter, Henry wrote many of the Tony Falcon (Tony Ferrer) movies at the time when Ian Fleming’s James Bond series were the hit. Henry is still active in movie magazine editing. He has been an assistant director, Production Manager and Assistant to the producer.

Son of one of the “martir na ina” in local films, the late Justina David. Tommy has written many scripts for the Santiagos “Doc Larry and Direk Pablo). Among his best efforts were Malvarosa, Diwata, Hit & Run, Batingaw, Divina Bastarda, Naguumpugang Bato, Gabi ng Lagim and the riotous Kasal-Kasalan, Bahay-Bahayan, which won for Best Picture in 1979 Metro Manila Film Festival, the first comedy to ever win an award.

Another old hand in film writing. He started with the defunct Premiere Productions. Bert was nominated in 1959 (FAMAS) for Ang Matapang lamang.

One of our consistent comedy writers, Ben has written such delightful yarns like “Mapulang Labi”, “Aruba” went to Town”, “Fiesta Isang Halik”, “Isang Sayaw, Isang Peseta”, but also won recognition from critics who nominated him for Best Director.

He is an institution when comics writing is the topic. He belongs to this trade for the past three decades. This top comics novelist turned screenwriter-Director has more than a hundred scripts to his credits. He has several FAMAS nominations for Best Story and Best Screenplay and recently won a FAMAS trophy as Best Screenplay at 37th FAMAS annual Award with “Agila ng Maynila”, an FPJ starrer. He is also a CCMM awardee.

Considered as an institution, Eddie is an actor, Director, Screenwriter and novelist. His prestigious script-Directions are “Nenita Unit”, Elephant Girl”, and “Tatlong Kalbaryo sa Buhay Ko”. His autobiography, “all Star in the Sky” is a colorful account of his 50 years in showbusiness. His other published novels include “Aparatik”, “The Marshall Entries”, “The Final Curtain”, “Philippines, My Philippines” and “Chase the Naked Sun”.

Eddie is the current Executive Vice President of the SGP, Vice Chairman of the Writers Union of the Philippines. An awardee of the Aliw Award in 1986, FAP 7th Academy Award as Best Supporting Actor in the film “Ang Supremo” in 1989.

Source: Yearbook/Directory (1989-1990)


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