Katipunan ng mga Artistang Pilipino sa Pelikula at Telebisyon
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kappt-logo.jpgThe actor, interpreting the human condition in his screen roles, invites the empathy of audiences; therefore, he must strive for the highest attainable norms in the pursuit of his craft with due respect to the functions and rights of his fellow workers.

The actor shall strive to constantly develop the talent and skill necessary to the pursuit of his profession.

The actor shall at all times observe a high sense of propriety.

The actor shall be considerate of the rights of his fellow actors and the rights and functions of others in the motion picture industry.

In keeping with the highest sense of professionalism, the actor shall conscientiously fulfill his commitments and contracts.

The actor shall complete his motion picture assignment according to the requirements of the production and according to his agreement with the producer.

Under no circumstances shall the actor accept any other assignment prejudicial to the work schedule of a film assignment during the period of time that the contract for such assignment is in effect.

The actor shall give full support to the making of every project of which he is a participant. He shall give a reasonable amount of assistance to the promotion of such project.

The actor shall give his professional best at all times and shall report punctually for work and prepare for the day’s schedule.

The actor shall respect and maintain the dignity of his profession and shall resist unjust exploitation of his talent.

The actor, realizing that the growth and continuance of his craft depends on the development of fresh talents and that healthy competition is a catalyst for excellence, shall encourage the entry of promising individuals into his field.

KAPPT Officers

Imelda Papin
Chairman of the Board
Jess Lapid Jr.

Vice-President for Internal Affairs
Roberto ‘Amay Bisaya’ Reyes
Vice-President for External Affairs
Ricardo Cepeda

Perry de Guzman
Lyn Madrigal


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