Jan 10
ADVISORY FOR WOULD-BE LUNA AWARDS CITERS by webmaster  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Wed, Jan 10, 2007

FAP Director General Leo Martinez has advised the release of the list of films which were rated A or B by the Cinema Evaluation Board of the Film Development Council of the Philippines in 2006. He explained that outstanding individual performances and technical works will most likely
be culled from these films.

The Academy aims to start earlier than usual this year in previewing the films which will vie for the silver anniversary Luna Awards for the films of 2006.

As per FAP secretariat records, nine films were rated A but one of them, National Artist for Film Eddie Romero’s Faces of Love, has yet to be shown. Nineteen other films were rated B.

The A-rated films were the following: MLR Films’ Kubrador (shown in August), Regal Films’ TXT (October), Philippine Convergence Enterprises’ Ang Pamana (November), Star Cinema’s Donsol (November), Unitel Pictures’ Inang Yaya (November), and the 2006 Metro Manila Film Festival entries Star Cinema’s Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo, CM Films’ Ligalig and Regal Films’ Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah.

The B-rated films were: Star Cinema’s Don’t Give Up on Us (January), GMA Films and Regal Films’ I Will Always Love You (February), Star Cinema’s Close to You (February), GMA Films’ Moments of Love (March), Regal Films’ Pamahiin (April), Star Cinema’s All About Love (May), Imus Films’ Kapag Tumibok ang Puso (June);

FLT Films and Star Cinema’s Pacquiao the Movie (June), Star Cinema’s You are the One (August), Regal Films’ Eternity (September), Centerstage Productions’ Twilight Dancers (September), Star Cinema’s First Day High (September), GMA Films and Viva Films’ Till I Met You (October), 5G Media Productions’ Barcelona (December), and the MMFFP 2006 entries Regal Films’ Super Noypi and Regal Films’ Shake, Rattle & Roll 8.

Director General Martinez said that the guild members who will eventually be assigned as citers must on their own try to review these films.

He reiterated that in the FAP’s effort to involve a cross-section of film industry workers in the academy’s mandated task of selecting and honoring the year’s best performances and achievements, the Academy
will impose a three age-bracket system in selecting the 10 citers for each of the nine guilds involved in winnowing the best list for 2006.

Martinez announced that the 10 citers for each of the eight professions in the making of a film must consist of members to represent the three age brackets: 21 to 35 years old; 36 to 50 years old; and 51 to 80 years old.

He explained that each bracket must have three or four citers for the following categories: direction, screenplay, performances, cinematography, production design, music, editing and sound. Ten citers will come from the non-category guild of assistant directors and production designers.

The citers are the first line of reviewers in the three-tier system of selecting the year’s best in films. They will be responsible for trimming into a manageable list of 10 to 15 performances, as well as creative and technical work, which the nominators will trim into the final five nominees.

The third group, the voters, will eventually select the winners among the five or less nominees that the nominators will submit for final votation.

In effect, he added that the process for the selection of next year’s awardees has virtually started. The selection process begins with the ten citers for each profession will view all the films produced and shown in 2006 and cite through a ratings method the top award-worthy films in each category.

Citers from the directors’ guilds will choose the best director contenders while those from the screenwriters’ guild of the Philippines will narrow the field for screenplays. Etcetera down the line of other categories.

With the new system, it is assured that both veterans and new members of the film industry will be involved in the selection process.