Jan 31
MERRY MIX-UP by Butch Macaro  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Wed, Jan 31, 2007

In the first edition of Pinoy Big Brother, I predicted Say Alonzo would make the grade but it was Nene Tamayo who emerged the champion. I even wrote two articles on her, calling the first ever PBB winner as Kumander Nene as my personal tribute for her winning the game. I was indeed wrong in my first prediction.

When Sam Milby appeared as a substitute contestant, I immediately predicted he will become a big star in the future. Here, I proved myself right. Look where he is now. He has actually over-shadowed the champion Nene and the rest of the troop. None had equal Sam Milby in popularity as evidence by the many film and commercial assignments he has tucked under his belt. He perhaps never dreamed of making that lot of money in a short span of time, but he deserves it as I think he is working that hard. Now he is a big star and I hope he will make the grade in the tradition of Christopher de Leon or Eddie Garcia if durability will be considered.

In one of my articles, I also predicted Lovi Poe will emerge as an important female discovery. Now, she is literally on her way to attain that goal with her numerous assignments in rated TV series. I certainly hope she will make the grade as an important actress in the future, God’s willing.

In the latest PBB episode, Gerald Anderson was to me an outstanding contestant from the beginning. He has the looks of a matinee idol with the mestizo looks he got from his father, an American. I earlier predicted Gerald will certainly make it based on his appearance and youthful appeal , his active participation in the game and the drive to make it.

Kim Chui was another of the lookers in the group that I found sweet and unassuming, but I did not predict that she will make it to top because of her daintiness and simplicity. But I was not surprised nonetheless when she emerged the topnotcher followed by Gerald Anderson as the second placer based on the points garnered from text messages by the big follower of the series.

After winning in the episode, Gerard and Kim were given trial roles in some of ABS-CBN programs. Now the two have snagged important roles in a new ABS-CBN tv series, Sana Maulit Muli. Isn’t this the title of a movie produced by Star Cinema? The packaging of the two newcomers was fantastic. Now the series has been running for several day and Gerald and Kim prove themselves as two exciting newcomers to hit television. They make a beautiful pair together, apparently being groomed as a loveteam for more exciting projects and more challenging roles both in television and the movies.

But this early, reports have it Gerald Anderson is not making the tandem seriously. In an article published recently, Gerald was described as a lukewarm part of the tandem. It is even said that Kim was emotionally affected by the indifference of Gerald. Are we seeing a repeat of the Hero/Sandara split up in the person of Gerald and Kim? I wish a similar split up will not happen to them and hope they will not end up fighting as they look cute and exciting on the screen together. Kim and Gerald must hold on tight to this opportunity as both have worked so hard to reach your goals. They must adjust to the demanding chores of film making. Some people comment that their real names cause them a little discomfort. Gerald Anderson is too American and Kim Chui sounds Korean.


The recent disaster that hit the Bicol Region, more than 600 lives perished, hundreds were lost in the avalances, thousands of people were injured and millions of property and crops were lost due to super typhoon Reming. After the tragedy, the Bicolanos had no choice but to rebuild, rehabilitate and hope. Authorities again set their sight on indiscriminate logging as the main cause of the tragedy.

Anjo Yllana and Jose Bayona as fellow Bicolanos were among the many Manila-based volunteers who returned to their hometowns to extend some help to relatives and their co- Bicolanos by donating food, clothing and medicine. Relief goods and help from around the country, as well as from abroad, poured into the damaged area.

Another Bicolano is the diminutive actor Mura who also made his share of extending relief and assistance to the victims. He particularly helped two of his siblings who lost their homes in the disaster. Mura helped them rebuild their homes from the meager income he makes in show business. He needs a lot of money to support his family so he volunteered to join Deal or No Deal, hoping he can win some thousands of pesos to support his siblings. Mura also volunteered to enter P1 million Videoke Challenge in the hope of raising some more money. Kris Aquino agreed to put Mura in the show but they had to make some adjustment to fit him in. Incidentally, Mura is in the cast of the film X-44 of Vhong Navarro. Without doubt, what Mura did proved that inspite of his physical handicap he has indeed a big heart that made him taller than his real physical size.


Is the long-playing spat between Sandara Park and Hero Angeles already patched up? Hero guested in DJ Mo Twister’s radio program and when asked who he think is the worst female actress, he named Sandara Park without batting an eyelash. Ah, can’t you ever forgive and forget, Hero? Sandara is a girl and you should be man enough to at least say something nice about her. Sandara is trying to reach Hero to patch up everything and be friends again. Hero’s career in the movies has greatly suffered because of his uncontrolled comments. Possibly, Hero is trying to be honest and frank about what he feels, but there must some kind of discretion and gentleness in his statements because he is talking about a lady. It is sad that Hero has lost the interest of people in the industry and the movie-going public. Is he doing fanning another controversy to regain his lost glory. I think it is not the nicest way to regain was has been lost. Try another gimmick, a better one. You may be lucky this time.


Lani Mercado is on a hot trail these days. Cavite Governor Ireneo ‘Ayong’ Maliksi is under suspension by the Department of Interior and Local Government allegedly because he reneged on an agreement that he will to take Lani Mercado as his running mate in the May 14 elections. Maliksi insisted that his six-month preventive suspension was politically motivated. The governor clarified that the case evolved from his refusal to get Lani as his running mate. He explained that there are other aspirants for vice-governor in Cavite and he must follow the general consensus of the Liberal Party in Cavite which did not choose Lani.

Because of what happened, rumors were floated that Sen. Bong Revilla worked for the suspension of Gov. Maliksi. The actor senator vehemently denied that he has anything to do with the supposed suspension. The suspension was solely the decision of DILG Secretary Ricardo Puno. According to Sen. Revilla, Gov. Maliksi was dead wrong in accusing him of lobbying for the suspension to get even. Revilla openly admitted that there is tension between him and Maliksi because of the latter’s obvious efforts to fully control local politics in Cavite. He also confirmed that Maliksi earlier agreed to take Lani for his vice-governatorial candidate in the coming elections.

If I remember right, several years ago the political conflict in Cavite involved the Revillas and Remullas. Bong agreed to run against the older Remulla in the gobernatoial standoff and won. For years, the feud between the Remullas and the Revillas simmered under the suface of Cavite politics. Burt today, the Revillas and the Remullas are in alliance but latest news coming from the province reported that not only the Revillas and the Remullas but also the Malicsis are putting up a common front to make elections peaceful this May—at least in the province of Cavite which had been tagged as a hotspot years ago. This is politics, Philippines-style. Anything new?