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ERAP IS GOLDEN REEL AWARDEE by fapweb  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, May 30, 2008

Former President Joseph Estrada will receive the Golden Reel Award the highest recognition that is conferred by the Film Academy of the Philippines during the 26th Luna Awards scheduled in August this year.

There had been only two Golden Reel awardees in the history of the Film Academy President Corazon C. Aquino in 1988 and the late King of Philippine Movies Fernando Poe Jr. in 2003.

The decision was made during a board of governors meeting on Thursday, May 29.

The FAP will also confer three other awards during the same awards night. Two of these are:

–The Lamberto Avellana Memorial Award (posthumous) to Flaviano Villareal.

–The Manuel de Leon Award (special recognition) to Cirio Santiago.

Villareal and Director-Producer Santiago actually were selected for the awards last year during the silver anniversary celebration of the FAP’s Luna Awards. Director Santiago requested that he be conferred the award this year while the academy could not locate any relative of Mr. Villareal.

The board of governors will decide on the awardee of the FPJ Lifetime Achievement Award during its board meeting on the last week of June.

The nominees for the FPJ Lifetime Achievement Award are listed as follows: Boots Anson-Roa, Robert Arevalo, Carlo Caparas, Charlie Davao, Berting Labra, Mona Lisa, German Moreno, Caridad Sanchez and Charo Santos.

Almost nominated for the posthumous Lamberto Avellana Award were: Nitoy Clemente, George Estregan Sr., Joey Gosiengfiao, Blitz Padua, Joey Pineda, Nonong Rasca, Ramon Reyes Jr., Felipe Sacdalan Jr., Carlos Vander Tolosa, Ace Vergel, Yoyoy Villame and Ramon Zamora.

In last year’s silver anniversary of the Luna Awards the awardees were:

FPJ Lifetime Achievement Award
Actor-Producer Rudy Fernandez and Director Celso Ad. Castillo.

Lamberto Avellana Memorial Award
Actor-Director Manuel Conde and Actor Vic Silayan.

Manuel de Leon Award
Wilson Tieng and Charo Santos.

The Academy had conferred the following awards during its 26 years of existence:

Gerardo de Leon/director (1984);Richard Abelardo/director and special effects, Consuelo ‘Ateng’ Osorio/director and writer, Luis Nolasco/producer, director and writer, Manuel Silos/director and Totoy Torrente/ special effects (1986);Juan Silos Jr./composer, William Smith/sound and color technology and Mary Walter/actress (1987); Tita Duran/actress, Enrique Jarlego Sr./editor, Pancho Magalona/actor and Felipe Sacdalan/cinematographer (1988); Levi Celerio/lyricist and musician, Chichay/ actress, Bella Flores/actress and Leopoldo Salcedo/actor (1989);

Sen. Joseph Estrada/actor, producer, industry leader and Mowelfund founder and Amb. Rogelio de la Rosa/actor (1990); Lamberto Avellana/director, Manuel de Leon/producer and FAP founder and Fernando Poe Jr./actor, director, producer, writer and industry leader (1991); Mike Accion/cinematographer, Eddie Infante/writer, actor and director and Rodolfo ‘Dolphy’ Quizon/actor and producer (1992);

Nora Aunor/actress and Espiridion Laxa/producer (1993); Victoriano R. Villanueva/actor and director (1994); Josefino Cenizal/musical director and Pablo Santiago/director and producer (1995); Anita Linda/actress (1996); Rosa Rosal/actress and Vilma Santos/actress (1997); Eddie Garcia/actor and director (1998);

Tito Arevalo/musical director, Eddie Rodriqguez/actor, director and producer and Eddie Romero/writer, director and producer (2000); Dely Atay-atayan/actress and Rosario ‘Chuchi’ Hernandez/actress (2001); Gloria Romero/actress (2002); Susan Roces/actress (2003); Augusto ‘Totoy’ Buenaventura/writer and director (2004);

In 2005, the lifetime achievement award of the Film Academy was renamed the FPJ Lifetime Achievement Award and the first recipient was Marichu Maceda/producer. In 2oo6, the 25th anniversary of the Luna awards, the recipients were Rudy Fernandez and Celso Ad. Castillo.

Lino Brocka/director (1990); Eddie Romero/writer and director (1994); Nicolas Deocampo/director (1995); Rosa Rosal/actress (1996); and Ben Pinga/film historian, filmmaker (1998).

Rita Gomez/actress, German Moreno/actor, Pugo & Togo/actors and Carmen Rosales/actress (1989);Ilagan clan, Padilla clan, Salvador clan, Sharon Cuneta/actress, Robin Padilla/actor, and Dr. Uwe Schmelter/Goethe Institut director (1990); Eric de Guia/director (1994); Luis Chiong/cinematographer and Carlos ‘Botong’ Francisco/artist, production designer (1995); and Rodolfo Velasco/Mowelfund executive director (2003).

Lamberto Avellana/director (1990) and Charito Solis/actress (1997).

Armando Garces/director and Fernando Poe Sr./writer. director, actor and producer (1998).

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