Jun 13
ACTORS’ GUILD STAGES FUND-RAISING CONCERT by fapweb  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Tue, Jun 13, 2017

The Actors’ Guild of the Philippines, headed by Ms. Imedla Papin, held a successful A Night with the Stars concert last Saturday, June 3, at the SM City North EDSA Skydome.

Ms. Papin explained that funds which will be raised by the show will be used for medical missions for their senior citizen members.
All members of the new board of officers and directors of the Actors’ Guild who were elected this year for a three-year term were present during the concert and even sang a song specifically composed for the guild.

The officers and directors also included Jeffrey Santos, chairman of the board; Amay Bisaya, VP for internal affairs; Ricardo Cepeda, VP for external affairs; Perry de Guzman, secretary; Lyn Madrigal, treasurer; with the following as board directors: Gerry Roman, Rey Solo, Jhap Bahian, Val Iglesia, Joel Ortega, Boy Roque, Josie Tagle and Jaime Cuales.

Those who performed during the more than three-hour show cinluded (in equence of performances); the Quezon City Senior Citizens Group, D’ Big 3 Sullivans, Angelo Carreon, Amay Bisaya, Hagibis (with Sonny Marson), Glee Nette, Marco Sison, Raul Imbach;
Elizabeth Fronda, Jackson 2, L.A. Santos, Emma Cordero, Garry Cruz, Imelda Papin, Aileen Papin, John Nite, Patricia Javier, Darius Razon, Manny Paksiw, Angelica Jones, Eva Eugenio and Claire dela Fuente.

Ms. Papin thanked all the performers who performed for free and for a justifiable cause.

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