May 23
MOWELFUND WORKSHOP ROLLS ON by fapweb  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, May 23, 2008

A record number of more than 60 participants attended the ongoing MOWELFUND Intensive Filmmaking Workshop as lectures and discussion on directing began last Thursday, May 22, as the workshop reached its halfway point..

This developed even as the participants prepare themselves for a hands-on internship in filmmaking by making short films on their own. They will be divided into three groups and will be responsible for coming up with a script, shooting and editing their short film projects. The one-day shooting is scheduled for May 29, Thursday.

After tackling the subjects of scriptwriting, production design, production management and cinematography last week, the seminar began this week with acting on the block and with Gina Alajar as resource person.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Jess Navarro, president of the United Film Editors Guild of the Philippines, editor-turned director Edgardo ‘Boy’ Vinarao and digital editor Jay Ramirez were the resource persons for the two-day schedule on editing.

Then the workshop phase on directing began last Thursday with Mark Meily and Emmanuel Borlaza as resource persons. Director Boy Vinarao, who is a member of the MOWELFUND’s board of trustees, pinch-hit for those who cannot make it.

Tony Reyes, president of the Directors’ Guild of the Philippines, and National Artist for Film Eddie Romero (also a DGPI honorary member) were expected to attend as main speakers for the morning and afternoon sessions, respectively, on Friday, May 23.

Five more directors will serve as main resource persons for Saturday (May 24) and Monday (May 26) to complete the four-day schedule for directing. They include Gil Portes (DGPI) and digital director Mes de Guzman—both scheduled for Saturday. The Monday speakers will be Celso Ad. Castillo (DGPI), Mel Chionglo (DGPI treasurer) and William Mayo, president of the Philippine Motion Pictures Directors Association.

The May 27 seminar on sound recording and mixing will feature Rolly Ruta while songwriters and composers Jaime Fabregas and Mon del Rosario will talk on musical scoring and direction on Wednesday, May 28. A special feature of the scoring seminar will be UFIMDAP President Josefino Cenizal talking about his own composition, the immortal Hindi Kita Malimot, which he will play for the seminar participants.

The final day of lectures will focus on animation with Benjie Marasigan and Nelson Caliguia as resource persons. Graduation and showing of the short films crafted by the three groups of seminar participants will be held on Saturday, May 31.

Director Vinarao, workshop manager, said that a total of 36 participants began the workshop last Monday, May 12.

Armando ‘Bing’ Lao was the resource person for scriptwriting. Paolo Villaluna, Celso de Guzman and Andy Andico lectured on production management while Manny Morfe and Cesar Hernando spoke on production design. The cinematography lectures had Surf Reyes as resource person on the first day, then Jun Pereira of the Filipino Society of Cinematographers, on the second day, and Director-Cinematographer Raymond Red on the third day.

Daily workshops and seminars are held from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (with Sundays as the only breaks). All participants have free meals daily.

The seminar-workshop is actually undertaken by the MOWELFUND Film Institute (MFI). The MFI was established in 1979 with a long term commitment to the democratization of filmmaking through film literacy in response to the need to raise consciousness among filmmakers and their audience to foster a better film culture in the country.

The MFI is a one-of-a-kind film training center that caters to the needs of both mainstream and independent cinemas, adhering to the objectives of developing a wider base of filmmakers, alternative film venues, and wider film usage.

Since 1979, the MFI has been conducting summer workshops in filmmaking, particularly in the fields of scriptwriting, production design and art direction, cinematography, acting, editing and directing.

Director Vinarao said they will be holding specialized workshop-seminars throughout the year with an editing seminar as priority as they have already acquired state-of-the-art editing equipment.

He also said the MOWELFUND board is also studying how they can raise funds to subsidize the production of digital films with the seminar participants as the beneficiaries.

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