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NEW ACTORS’ GUILD OFFICERS by fapweb  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Thu, Feb 9, 2017

The Actors’ Guild of the Philippines Incorporated (Katipunan ng mga Artistang Pilipino sa Pelikula at Telebisyon, Inc.) has a new set of officers for the year 2017, led by the guild’s first ever woman president in the person of singer-actress Imelda Papin.

In his report to the first board of governors meeting of the Film Academy of the Philippines, outgoing Actors’ Guild President Rez Cortez, who has retained his position in the board of directors in the guild and still incumbent deputy director general of the Academy, reported about the new set of officers of the guild.

The new officers are as follows:

President—Imelda Papin
Vice-President for Internal Affairs—Roberto ‘Amay Bisaya’ Reyes
Vice-President for External Affairs—Ricardo Cepeda
Secretary—Perry de Guzman
Treasurer—Lyn Madrigal
Chairman of the Board—Jess Lapid Jr.

Board of Directors—Gerry Roman
Rey Solo
Jhap Bahian
Val Iglesia
Joel Ortega
Boy Roque
Josie Tagle
Jaime ‘Pango’ Cuales

The chairmen of the various committees are:
Rez Cortez—Membership
Amay Bisaya—Internal Affairs/Ways and Means
Ricardo Cepera—Public Relations
Amay Bisaya—Grievances and Ethics
Gerry Roman—Sports and Socials
Jhap Bahian—Alternative Livelihood for Actors
Josie Tagle—Education

Ms. Papin is the only woman president with ten actors preceding her in the position. The first Actors’ Guild president was Robert Arevalo (1983), followed in order by Fernando Poe Jr. (1984-87); Paquito Diaz (1988); Rudy Fernandez (1989-95); Edu Manzano (1996-97); Ronnie Ricketts (1998-99); German Moreno (2000-2005); Jeorge E. R. Estregan (2006-10); Philip Salvador (2011-13); and Rez Cortez (2014-17).

The new board met for the first time last Tuesday at the conference room of the Academy at the Mowelfund complex with a hundred percent attendance. Ms. Papin presided over her first official meeting with the new board of directors.

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