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26TH LUNA AWARDS SET ON AUGUST 16 by fapweb  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Apr 25, 2008

The 26th Luna Awards of the Film Academy of the Philippines has been tentatively scheduled on August 16 this year, a Saturday.

FAP Director General Leo G. Martinez and Chairman Espiridion D. Laxa are set to sign a memorandum of agreement with Manio Events Management which will undertake the production and telecast of the awards night.

Manio Events Management will be the third production outfit since 2003 to produce the awards show after Albert Martinez’ Big Mango (2003 and 2004) and Harlene Bautista’s Eight Elephants (2005).

The signing of the MOA will be held on May 15, barring hitches.

This early, the 26th awards night is envisioned as a blending of senior film personalities and today’s current hearthrobs and performers. The overall motiff will still be Filipiniana with a twist.

Manio Events Management is at present negotiating with a cable channel and a free TV station for the telecast of the awards night. The group will also meet with fashion designers groups.

A timetable agreed upon by FAP and Manio Events Management set July 15 as the date for the announcement of the 26th Luna Awards nominees and August 2 as a Nominees Night where all nominees in 12 categories will receive their Lunettes—statuettes smaller than but replicas of the real trophy.

The announcement of the final nominees will be done via a press conference to be hooked live to primetime news programs.

Manio Events Management has requested the FAP to coordinate with Composer and Musical Director Willy Cruz for the possible re-arrangement of the Academy song which will be sung as planned by Toni Gonzaga during the awards night.

The selection of winners of the Luna Awards is a three-tier process where citers, then nominators and finally voters will be involved.

Citers from the various guilds will select the best 10 or 15 performances and technical works after a series of previews of films shown in 2007. Directors will draw up their list of outstanding directorial works last year. Scriptwriters will pick the outstanding scripts last year. And so on and so forth for the other categories.

The nominators—who were previous winners in their categories –will select the final five nominees (or less) which will then be forwarded to the voters for their final decision. Like the citers, nominators will only decide on their own categories.

The voters, however, will be selecting the final winners in all categories which will include Best Picture, Director, Actor, Actress, Supporting Actor, Supporting Actress, Scriptwriter, Cinematographer, Editor, Production Designer, Sound Engineer and Musical Scorer.

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