Apr 25
BE HEARD… THRU FAP FORUM by fapweb  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Apr 25, 2008

It seems that everyone wants to be heard. It seems that everyone has something to say. As proof, newspaper editors normally get a minimum of 100 letters from the readers every day and radio stations have a long queue of callers. And with the emergence of the ubiquitous cellphone, texting had joined the feedback bandwagon. But due to space and time limitations, not everybody is given the opportunity to be heard.

Since the internet is also a medium like the newspapers, radio and tv lumped altogether, information exchange is at turbo level. There’s that thing called download where one can copy information from the internet and there’s also the upload where the file from one’s computer is copied into the internet (website). But to provide a feedback system for the website habitues, a new type of website was born. Previously called Bulletin Board, the Forum is a place where one can post his opinion on cyberspace. Unlike the interactive chat where one needs to reply at once, the forum, depending on the volition of other members, sometimes takes weeks or months to get a reply.

For the uninitiated, the Forum is normally inside a website. Like in the case of this website, one has only to click the FORUM button which can be seen in the menu above. And once inside the forum page, the visitor has the liberty to read the contents of the common boards. The boards are like categories and each board contains topics. In turn, each topic contains posts. In order to make a post, one has to register. Of course, registration is free and the only requirement is a valid email address.

The Film Academy’s website had quietly launched its own Forum early last year. On an experimental basis, the forum would have a representative from each of the guilds particularly from the actor’s guild and, of course, from the writers as well. But due to some unforeseen constraints, the plan did not push through. It would have been very attractive if some popular actors and actresses can be seen posting in our forum.

Fortunately, the forum was kept alive by a blogger named Luckycharm. Presumably, as is the norm in the internet forums, Luckycharm is a pseudonym. From what we gathered, Luckycharm is not just a forum habitue but also well-versed with local entertainment. And unlike showbiz reporters, Luckycharm is wont to post good news like the items about Arnel Pineda and Charice Pempengco.

Late last year, Luckycharm was joined by several bloggers headed by another historical whiz in the person of Hans Kianti. This Hans is getting to be an authority when it comes to showbiz trivias. Although he posts only once in a while, his kilometric contributions are very valuable to the student visitors of the forum.

Other notable bloggers are Madam Showbiz, Rafraf and Alasander. The list is getting longer now and in the coming weeks, the fapweb forum will be a bee hive of activities in terms of postings.

Although bloggers do not see each other, it is common for an active forum to foster brotherhood and cyber bonding among the loyal members. And like a real community, there ought to be a law so moderators are appointed to oversee if some members may be posting obscenities or overly negative matters. In actual practice, our forum gets an average of 3 spam posts per week. A spam post is usually an advertisement of a pornographic site or a promotion of a medication. And since Luckycharm had dominated most of the boards, he was named a Global Moderator, the highest position next to the forum administrator. For Board Moderators we have Hans Kianti to oversee the Movie Board and Madam Showbiz to take care of the TV Board.

As a way of promoting the fapweb forum, the administrator, in cooperation with the FAP management, had decided to come out with fapweb souvenir mugs which is now available. The mugs can be availed of by the legitimate forum members who have at least made 10 or more posts. So if you are still not registered, perhaps now is the time.

For details in claiming the mug, find about it inside the fap forum or by clicking this: www.filmacademyphil.org/forum/