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2016 MOST GENDER-SENSITIVE FILM ESSAY WRITING CONTEST WINNERS by fapweb  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Apr 29, 2016

First Place, Teachers Category

Not a Brand of Indifference
(Based on the film Beauty and the Bestie)
By Francis Clare B. Baltazar (Camp Gen. Aguinaldo High School)

Being victims of laughter and insults is a struggle of homosexuals according to World Health Organization Journal 2015. Homosexuals are unpleasantly treated yet majority are unaware that these “accused offenders” have minds equipped with uniqueness, hearts bound from family to country and hands designed for creativity. They are also inheritors of noble Filipino grace and beyond.

Homosexuality was recognized in the MMFF film, Beauty and the Bestie, directed by Wenn Deramas starring Vice Ganda and Coco Martin, The major character was a homosexual who endured numerous jobs to support abandoned children. He exhibited potential in varied tasks and struggled hard to make his family complete. He proved his worth by helping solve a national threat. The film earned four hundred million pesos as reported by Philippine News Online on January 2016.

The film disclosed gender issues: First, homosexuality focused in gayness through the character roles. Second, discrimination was revealed in scenes showing inequality, judgment and romance marginalization. Third, multiple burdens were illustrated in scenes of a substitute parent, breadwinner and protector of the common good.

It qualifies for the Most Gender Sensitive Film Award for it promotes gender awareness by exposing homosexuals as indispensable contributors in building the nation, a brave attempt to reveal their discreet significance to the world.

The Filipino culture of strong family ties was seen when the homosexual character struggled to unite his family members and sought all means to provide for his family without reservations. Such proved his contribution to societal betterment through potential showcase.

Homosexuality is definitely not a brand of indifference but a transformation of human existence. Let discriminating judgment perish. Turn offending laughter to appreciation and insults to recognition. Homosexuals are contributors to a better humanity. Let us not deny their share in the noble Filipino grace and beyond.

First Place, Students Category

Breaking Chains of Limitations
(Based on Walang Forever)
By Geline Despibiladeras (Judge Feliciano Belmonte Sr. High School)

In a fast-flying second that’s happening in our daily life, it is truly evident that we are now living in a gender-sensitive world, as seen on the film Walang Forever.

The movie revolved around a world where true love chooses any category. True love is not just about love itself, there is something more when “true” combined with that word. True love, forever and lifetime, will depend on how people perceived the thing.

The film truly shows gender sensitivity as it tackles a reality where the lady acts on a situation that love is not the only thing in the world, where you can live without love but you can’t breathe without it. A necessity, indeed.

It demonstrated a culture that is out of the ordinary. The film successfully snuck in a little bit of gender liberty under our noses through the characters’ personalities and story’s build up. They had the bold move to set aside society’s gender stereotypes by dropping the usual concepts of the girls being the one too vulnerable and always right and guys as the strong valiant knights in shining armor. This was easily demonstrated by Jennifer Mercado’s character, Mia, a girl who stood up for herself and didn’t give up her blossoming career for the guy’s liking.

Mia is a perfect example of a Filipina who proves that girls can stand up for themselves and provide for their needs. Mia also got the whole climax in her hands as she fearlessly pursued Ethan, Jericho Rosales’ character, abroad in hopes of getting back together. And finally, Mia had also the guts to ask one of life’s changing questions to Ethan which is to finally tie the knot and settle down.

Gone are the days of guys being the only provider while the girls stay at home and nurse their beloved husbands who just came home from work, of guys being the ones who go an extra mile to get back the love they lost and of guys being the only ones to ask the girl’s hand in marriage.

This uniquely-made film suggests a very moving message that there is never an end with our perception of true live as there’s no limitation in our viewpoint when it comes to gender sensitivity. A person is often expected to act in a certain way because of the gender where he/she belongs. But within all these obscurities and misconceptions, there will always be an enlightenment concerning our molded roles toward the people around us since there’s an urge to break the chains of limitations and expectation just to prove that love truly exists in spite of all human vulnerabilities.

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