Apr 15
2016 MOST GENDER-SENSITIVE FILM ESSAY WRITING CONTEST WINNERS by fapweb  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Apr 15, 2016

Second Place, Teacher Category

Idolatry of Egocentric Pride: Wrath of Relationship
(Based on the film Walang Forever)
By Joan G. Soriano (Judge Feliciano Belmonte Sr. High School)

In all walks of life, we get into the notion that when pride dominates in love, ego gets all the blame. But when forgiveness reigns, forever wins. These thoughts do not exempt people from different professions, couples from different sexes and other members from different families as such all would be experiencing a test of relationship. This is where the concept of the movie Walang Forever comes in—a philosophical challenge embodied by the characters in the movie.

This ennobling movie calls the attention of everyone regardless of what sexual orientation he/she is into. It epitomizes an inspiring portrayal of different genders molded into different sexual preferences who had gone through insurmountable afflictions in love yet pervades indomitable spirit of surviving relationship proving that love still reigns when trust, forgiveness, respect and fidelity are built in the midst of pride, egotism and selfishness in sexual relationship.

The leading characters starring Jericho Rosales as Ethan and Jennylyn Mercado as Mia as well as the casts have given merit to how gender sensitivity works in the story of the movie.

First, the movie keenly divulges how unmarried couples get blinded with the decision of taking pre-marital sex as basis in proving one’s love where Mia and Ethan who are not yet legally married have engaged already in sexual intercourse. Second, the movie explicitly directs an implication of ‘no gender preferences in love’ where love chooses no exemptions which was proven by Ethan and Mia’s friends who played as gay couple in the story. From these perspectives, one cannot deny the fact that this sexual immorality is undoubtedly condemned by the Bible as such pre-marital sex and homosexuality are laughed at by the world.
Third, the situations featured in the movie have drawn realization to all types of people specifically the couple on how it becomes emotionally draining in a relationship to be surrounded by egocentric pride as it deters one’s relationship.

Fourth, the movie discriminates society’s gender stereotypes by shifting the usual set up of senseless traditions where a man asks a woman for marriage and takes the role of being the family-provider which is contrary to Mia’s role as she dauntlessly wooed Ethan’s heart and pursued him in marriage to get back the love they lost. She had also empowered a woman’s role of being the breadwinner which is not pictured in Filipino’s family culture.

Lastly, the movie renders a heartfelt message as it constructively uncovers important lessons in life which are vital in saving relationship. It teaches one how to let go of the past, how to build trust to anyone, how to give quality time to loved ones, how to set priorities in life, how to respect each other’s story and most of all, how to listen to someone’s story. For these are all that we really valued in all aspects of relationship. It is not the pride that saves relationship but it is a forgiving heart that consoles broken relationship as idolatry of egocentric pride could surely wrath relationship.

Third Place, Students Category

A Simple LGBT Talk: On Beauty and the Bestie
(Based on Beauty and the Bestie)
By Coleene T. Villanueva (Quezon City High School)

Culture and conventional wisdom placed standards that were never meant to deprive one’s right primitively, but as we move further in the ideal world where people are self-sustained, issues have been raised. One of these is gender disparity.

Generally, entertainment is such a great way to inform people. As years pass, show business is now able to put more essence on their plots. Among entries in this year’s MMFF, what caught my attention the most was Beauty and the Bestie. Most of the movies featuring Vice Ganda foster gender-related issues and as how I see it in the movie, they engaged people the awareness needed about the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Movement.

The character roles have something to do with people as responsible family and society members. Vice Ganda, who plays the role of Erika, is a bread winner who stood as parents for his sister and nieces throughout. It is quite a burden for a gay to hold big responsibilities, but despite this idea, it shows that gays can manage a living too.

Erika and Emman’s friendship came cold when Erika revealed himself. Commonly, this is a picture of mistreatment. We see homosexuals like a disease to be cured. This scenario is parallel with Jennifer Laude’s incident: this simply means gender difference already reached the extent of killing.

Now, the Philippine government, together with the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality, focus in uplifting equality through funding gender development projects that will uphold everyone’s right via gender. Sooner or later, opportunities will be accessible to minorities where they are valued based on their knowledge and not for their gender.

Inequality will continue to persist but regardless how many differences divide us, if we become hand in hand towards one goal, we can achieve the fairness we want.

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