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UNMASKING MON CONFIADO by Salve Grace B. Losbanes  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Mon, Dec 21, 2015

“There are no small roles; only small actors”. This is what this actor believes in. No wonder why it seems that he does not pick his roles. Instead, he just does his very best and nails every role assigned to him, may it be in independent, mainstream films or in television.

I cannot recall the time when I started admiring Mon Confiado as an actor, but I surely know that even before admiring him and his craft, I saw him many times in several films and television series.

My love for films, I think, paved the way why I became a fan of this actor. It was Cinema One era a few years ago. I was scanning for good indie movies to watch when I bumped into PALITAN. I know the story behind the film, as well as the trivia about it and a little background of his character. The movie may seem not so new to me, but the eagerness to see its modern version was there.
When I saw the movie, I had Second Lead Syndrome (a term with a connotation for a fan who likes the third wheel more than the lead actor). The scenes in the indie film, for me, were not what I thought. I never realized that I would feel kilig over those scenes between Mon and Mara Lopez – his leading lady.

Boss Ramiro trying his best to gain the attention of the woman he likes and asks her to ride in his motorcycle. Photo credits to Palitan Facebook Page

Apart from those kilig scenes, what made me admire Mon in this movie was the thought of seeing someone who is known for antagonist roles playing a character who may be in line with the bad ones, but have made an audience fall in love with the character and the actor himself. It may be just me, a sucker for bad boy-nice girl love stories, but I know that there was just this charm in him playing the role of Boss Ramiro which made me love him rather than hating him.

After watching the movie, I shared my insights to him through the social networking site, Facebook. Another thing that made me turned-on on this actor is his being humble enough to respond about my insights regarding his films.

Just few weeks ago, I happened to watch his recent independent film, Heneral Luna. I loved the film, because apart from its historically-based story, the cinematography, dialogue and the actors were brilliant.

Here is pressured President Emilio Aguinaldo listening to his constituents while they were on a hot debate. Photo credits to Heneral Luna Facebook Page

In Heneral Luna, Mon played the role of President Emilio Aguinaldo. I am so impressed by his portrayal. His physical attributes matched well to that of the former president. I was also impressed by the way he shows complex emotions of the character, which even until now, would make me say that Aguinaldo was not that bad a person. Even just a scene of Aguinaldo thinking deeply or uttering few words, for me, was already a wow-scene on this actor. From projection of his voice to his eye expression, I can truly say that he is one of the best actors in this industry.

That time when I first saw Heneral Luna in the cinema was also the time when I was able to unmask the Mon Confiado I saw on indie films to the one I saw in person – yes I was able to meet him. It was unplanned but expected. I was supposedly going to watch Heneral Luna on its first day when I saw Mon commenting on a status of another actor that he will be joining him in watching the movie. When we met at the cinema house, I was flattered that he was able to recognize me the moment I greeted him. Unlike his usual character in the movies, Mon was very nice and down to earth. I actually felt intimidated following him around while waiting for the movie to start, but he made me feel comfortable and treated me like a friend he knows for a long time.

Salve with brilliant character-actor, Mon Confiado. Without his knowledge, he was already unmasked during that time.

During the movie duration, I often ask questions to him regarding the movie. I was touched that he was able to respond back to me despite knowing that he was concentrating on watching the film. After watching, I congratulated him for a job well done.

When I met him, he is the total opposite of what I thought. He was so nice and approachable and open to whatever I would share to him. One time, he would always tell me that he would love to share more of it to me, as well as me learning new things from someone like him.

Of all the photos of sir Mon, this one is my most favorite. It shows himself revealing his two sides: his masked version (actor) and without a mask (himself in reality). Photo credits to Mon Confiado

My favorite part of unmasking Mon is seeing a sweet smile with cute dimples, being able to see the friendly side of him, especially to his fans and sharing insights whenever I open a topic mostly regarding his projects. Why I love chatting with Mon is because of the sure thing that after each conversation we would have, I would gain something about it. One time, I made a little mistake with regards to a comment, and then he would correct me. I admit that whenever I wait for his responses to my messages, I feel so scared a bit, but simple things like that makes me see how nice a person he is.

I know this actor wears different kinds of masks in front of the camera, but being able to see him not wearing those masks, I consider it a blessing as a fan and a film buff. It is more than just watching a movie or admiring a character. It is more on seeing the actor as the real him without stereotyping through the characters he portrays. How I wish that someday if I would make my own indie film, I’ll pick him as one of the cast.

Currently, I continue being his fan girl. I continue unmasking the real Mon Confiado for the other film audiences through the use of social media. That is to prepare for his upcoming projects, that whatever his mask will be in front of the camera, it is not what he wears off-cam too, because in real, this character actor is not wearing any mask at all.

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