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Thirty-four guild officers and members of the Film Academy of the Philippines (17 of them from the Actors Guild) attended an eye-opener of a consultation meeting organized by the Academy and the Intellectual Property Office to discuss performers rights and royalties.

The meeting, called Punto de Vista, was held from 11:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. at Function Rooms D and E of the Quezon City Sports Club on E. Rodriguez avenue, Q.C. last March 14.

IPO resource persons provided the participants the basic knowledge on copyrights and royalties. Royalties, it was mentioned, can be derived from the performer’s rights and author’s rights of people involved in the making of a film.

They FAP members were also consulted regarding the feasibility of organizing a collective management organization for the performing arts sector.

The consultation meeting stressed that royalties may be derived from films’ income from TV and cable rights, video rights and foreign sales. FAP Director General Leo G. Martinez said that the music industry has been collecting royalties for their composers, singers and musicians for the past several years and added actors and actresses as well as the other members of the creative staff of a film must also receive royalties.

He added that if amendments are needed to the Intellectual Property Law for performers to be able to assert their rights, the academy will seek the assistance of the IPO for this purpose.

DG Martinez made the welcome remarks after the participants had their lunch.

Ms. Carmen G. Peralta, director of the IPO’s Documentation, Information and Technology Transfer Bureau, provided an overview on the growing importance of copyright and the need to identify mechanisms to assure that the film industry be included in the copyright-based industries in the country.

Atty. Nicolas B. Pichay talked on the ABCs of copyright vis-à-vis the artists and craftsmen of the film industry, emphasizing the economic and moral rights of these performers and artists.

Mr. Elmar Ingles, acting managing director of the Performers Rights Society of the Philippines, discussed the collective management approach in managing copyright. He stressed that many actors and actresses, as well as the other artists and technicians involved in filmmaking, are not well-informed about their basic intellectual property rights. He said that the scriptwriter of a film can seek royalties based on their author’s rights while the other film workers, like the directors, cameramen, editors, production designers and sound technicians, can be categorized as actors and actresses who derive royalties from their performer’s rights. He added that the musical director can avail of their royalties through the FILSCAP.

Atty. Louie Calvario of the IPO’s Copyright Support Services Division talked on the next steps the Academy must take to ensure that royalties are availed of by the craftsmen and technicians of the film industry.

Those who attended the fruitful consultation meeting were the following:

Actors’ Guild Archi Adamos, Gina Alajar, Amay Bisaya, Ana Capri, Cris Daluz, Karla Estrada, Cherrie Gil, Garry Lim, Albert Martinez, Robert Miller, Conrad Poe, Gerry Ramos, Bembol Roco, Shyr Valdez, Gardo Verzosa, Raquel Villavicencio and Marrie Zulueta (representing Sen. Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr.).

Directors’ Guilds Jose Carreon of the Directors’ Guild of the Philippines, Inc. and William Mayo of the Philippine Motion Picture Directors’ Association.

Screenwriters Guild Pablo S. Gomez (president), Conrado Leonardo Jr., Pablo Reyna Libiran, William Pascual and Manny Rodriguez.

Production Designers Guild Manny Morfe (president), Joel Quilang, Julius Ramos, Aped Santos and Len Santos.

Cinematographers’ GuildIsagani Sioson (president), Romulo Araojo and Roger Baruelo.

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