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MODERN CHILD’S WITNESS OF A CLASSIC FILM’S RESTORATION by Salve Grace B. Losbanes  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Tue, Dec 8, 2015

SAGIP PELIKULA – the tagline of another section of ABS-CBN which helps in restoring classic Filipino films for the new generation to see it. New generation includes me who grew up watching Jolina-Marvin movies, action films and enjoy these days’ cheesy romcom movies. Well, that is how I would define this generation’s youth as well. As for me, ever since I had my Introduction to Film class way back in college, I learned to start appreciating old movies and the Sharon Cuneta films became some of my top favorite films ever.

When I heard about the restoration project of ABS-CBN, one of my few reactions was “Wow, finally clearer versions of the films”. Well, ever since it opened, I started following on what films are they planning to restore. Until one time, I happened to comment on one section of their post, unknowing that it was a contest. I was the one of the lucky winners to witness a special screening of three films and I need to pick one. Lucky girl indeed, but the time and place did not go against my heart’s desire to see the film. I was far from the venue. Though I did let go of that chance, I still used it as a way to finally see a classic film’s restoration.

This classic movie written in 1978 was being shown in front of the crowd after 38 years in restored version.

In celebration of Cinema One Original’s (an independent film festival) 11th year, they included several classic films as some of their featured films in the festival. One of these films was Ikaw Ay Akin, a film starring Star for all Season Vilma Santos, Superstar Nora Aunor and Christopher de Leon, screenplay written by Director Jose N. Carreon, now the website editor of Film Academy of the Philippines and directed by the late Ishmael Bernal.

Though I witnessed the movie as a “contest winner” in the list, Direk Carreon and his family asked me to join them in the red carpet. The gala premiere of this classic film was crowded with different personalities in the fields of entertainment to start with the Cinema One head, Ronald Arguelles, President of Central Lab, Manet Dayrit and ABS-CBN Film Restoration head Mr. Leo Katigbak.

Familiar faces from the industry came to witness the restoration during its gala premiere last November 14, at Trinoma.

Aside from the heads of the people behind the restoration of the movie, movie’s screenplay writer Director Jose N. Carreon with his family, Director Joyce Bernal, actress Raquel Villavicencio and actor Mon Confiado were the seen familiar faces during the gala premiere.

Time has finally come for us to witness this classic piece. As we entered the venue, the cinema was almost full house, from guests to fans. Yes, fans especially the Vilmanians and Noranians, fans of both lead actresses who graced the venue with their cheers and screams before the showing of the movie begins.

Movie’s screenwriter, Director Jose N. Carreon relays his feeling when he was first tasked to write the script for this classic film.

Before they played the movie, a short talk with the screenplay writer, Direk Carreon happened. “Thinking Outside The Box” is how the director defined this movie he wrote.

After the talk, the cinema house started to dim as the screen started to play the movie. At first, screams from the audience were heard as they cheered for their own actress, but then as the movie began to roll, silence surrounded the cinema.
The movie was not that serious as how I would defined it. Rather, I called it as smart entertaining. Aside from which, the performances of the actors were as believable as how their characters were in the story. Each had deep emotions.
As being told, this movie got 12 nominations in Gawad Urian way back those days as well as double nomination for both Vilma and Nora for Best Actress and for Christopher de Leon to bag the Best Actor trophy. I am now witness to why it did.
As the movie continued to play, several emotions were covered as the audience laughed, felt kilig as well as cried with the actors’ characters. But as for the screen viewing highlight, I would say that it was when the last scene of the movie was being shown. That staring scene of the two actresses just made me as well as the audience amazed. For us, that was more than just a scene with dialogues being uttered. Just brilliant.

Walang “Ikaw ay Akin.” Ang isang bagay, kahit sabihin mong buong –buong nasa iyo, ay may kakulangan pa rin.” – Christopher de Leon, Ikaw ay Akin 1978

After that scene, credits were shown as the audiences howled and clapped their hands. Too shy, but seeing how beautiful the movie was, I just wanted to do standing ovation, but I did not.

The audiences left the cinema with a smile, so as I. Rather than a lucky privilege of winning a promo, I considered myself witnessing this masterpiece as an honor. More than seeing an excellent performance from the actors, I was most overwhelmed as I witnessed a masterpiece made by my boss himself, Direk Carreon. The way the movie was written was more than just a love triangle for me. It has also something we could apply in our life.

But more than that, quoted from another fan’s reaction who saw this film, as a cinephile of today’s generation, we deserve to watch this film “…because I deserve to see a classic film,” (kpfurbee). As what ABS-CBN Film Restoration group believes in, I am one with their advocacy of saving Filipino classic films for the new generation, because these films are part of our culture that we need to preserve and be passed from one generation to another.

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