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TOFARM – A UNIQUE SCRIPT CONTEST by Alex J. Socorro  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Oct 23, 2015

I was privileged to be invited to the Writers Night of TOFARM in launching their scriptwriting contest. Held in Edsa Shangrila hotel on the 21st of September 2015, the affair had gathered more than 40 writers and directors.

Not just another scriptwriting contest, the TOFARM scriptwriting contest is unique in the sense that it is intended as a means to promote farming in the Philippines. TOFARM is an acronym for The Outstanding Farmers of the Philippines.

Dr. Milagros Ong How, the primemover of TOFARM

Spearheaded by Dr. Milagros How of Universal Harvesters Inc., the contest aims to come up with 6 full length films that will be showcased in the TOFARM film festival in July of 2016.

The theme of the script contest is The Plight of the Farmer: His Trials and Triumphs. Expected is a positive film that will show the aspirations and struggles of the farmer towards his journey to success.

Direk Maryo J Delos Reyes and Project Director Rommel Cunanan standing. Also in photo is Ruby Pascual, Program Development Officer of TOFARM

Direk Maryo J. Delos Reyes is the overall in charge of the contest and the festival. Assisting him is Ianne Oandasan who will be the supervising producer of the 6 winning scripts in the production stage.

The formal event turned casual when Dr. How started sharing her thoughts on the contest. Her contaminating sense of humor had set the ball rolling that wiped out the timidity of the attendees. The lively open forum lasted until 10 pm.

The lively open forum with Direk Maryo J and Dr. Mila How

The atmosphere suddenly turned festive when the surprise raffle was held. Given away were 2 units of iPhones, 2 units of iPad, 2 boxes of the top of the line electric toothbrush. Not to be content, there was a parade of giveaways, from hard bound notebooks to mooncakes. Not to forget, all attendees were given monopods, again, top of the line.

It was truly a night to remember for the more than 40 writers and directors who attended.

Supervising producer Ianne Oandasan

The entries for the scriptwriting contest should be submitted not later than November 16, 2015. The requirements are:
– 1 page synopsis in Arial 12-point font, double spaced on letter sized bond paper
– 4 copies of screenplay in Arial 12-point font, on letter sized bond paper
– 1 cover page containing a) title of entry, b) name, c) contact number
– resume of participant and sample of work in dvd, if any

To be announced in January are the 6 winners who will each receive a grant of 1.5 million pesos to produce their winning scripts. The production period can start immediately upon the receipt of the first tranche of 500,000 pesos.

The post production of the movie projects is expected to be completed by May 2016 to be ready for the TOFARM film festival in July. Theater screening will follow.

The group photo of the organizers and participants

Coinciding with the scriptwriting contests are 2 other contests that are also directly related to farming.

Infomercial Contest that will center on the theme Modern Philippine Agriculture. Suggested features are:
– use of fertilizer products of UHI
– farming, fishery and/or livestock practices
– inorganic and organic applications
– curing farm infestation or crop disease
– improving farmer’s financial capacity

Requirements for the Infomercial Contest:
– 1 page synopsis in Arial 12-point font, double spaced on letter sized bond paper
– resume of the participant

Actual production of the infomercial video will depend on the approval of the committee.
Prizes are: P120,000 for first place, P100,000 for second, P80,000 for third place

Photo Contest in 2 categories – DSLR and Point-and-shoot camera. The theme is Philippine agriculture man-made wonders, innovations and ingenuity.

– subject shall be a farmer or fisher folk and related industry people
– 3 photos in JPG format with at least 300 dpi in resolution of a) serious shot, b) funny shot, c) photo of the participant with the subject
– resume of the participant

Prizes are: P100,000 for first place, P80,000 for second, P60,000 for third place

Note: All entries to the said contests – script, infomercial, photo – shall include an accomplished entry form that can be downloaded from www.tofarm.org. Inquiries can be addressed to info.tofarm@gmail.com.

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