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SUBMISSION TO MGA ALAMAT SA ANIMASYON CONTEST EXTENDED TO JULY 15 by fapweb  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Jun 19, 2015

The deadline for submission to Mga Alamat sa Animasyon contest has been extended to July 15, 2015 to enable possible participants who have just returned to their schools. The contest’s initial deadline was June 15, 2015. Participants can still submit three alamat from the Film Academy list of legends for adaptation into animated films.

The Film Academy will assign one alamat story to each participant on a first-come-first-served basis. Each participant will then submit a storyline/sequence guide/screenplay for the alamat assigned to them. Deadline for this is August 31, 2015.

Those who will submit winning screenplays will then be given up to April 30, 2016 to submit their final animated films for the contest.

Hereunder is the revised rules and guidelines for the Alamat for Animation contest:

1. The competition is open to all Filipino student animators. Students shall be defined as those enrolled with and are bona-fide students of primary/ secondary/ tertiary or other post-school or vocational educational institutions at the time of registration. The entrants may or may not be a citizen of the Philippines but must be residing in the Philippines during the time of the contest and with Filipino lineage.

2. Entries may be submitted by individuals or teams. All members of a team should fall under the definition of Filipino student in rule number 1. In case of a team submission, a team representative should be assigned by the team to be the official administrative contact.

3. Entries should be original animated works based on the following alamat stories:
1 Alamat ng Alagaw
2 Alamat ng Bayabas
3 Alamat ng Kasoy
4 Alamat ng Paruparo
5 Alamat ng Pinya
6 Alamat ng Ilang-ilang
7 Alamat ng Butiki
8 The Legend of the Lizard
9 Alamat ng Makahiya
10 Alamat ng Sampaguita
11 Alamat ni Marya Makiling
12 Alamat ng Lansones
13 Si Malakas at si Maganda
14 Alamat ng Mindanao
15 Alamat ng Tsonggo
16 Alamat ng Matsing
17 Ang Pagong at ang Matsing
18 Ang Unggoy at ang Pagong
19 Alamat ng Araw, Buwan at Bituin
20 Hinalawod, A Panay Epic
21 Indarapatra at Sulayman
22 Indarapatra at Sulayman, Alamat ng Mindanao
23 Alamat ng Pinagmulan ng Daigdig, Bilaans of Mindanao
24 How People were Created, Bagobos
25 Alamat ng Daigdig
26 Ang Pinagmulan ng Pilipinas
27 The Legend of the Tagalogs
28 Ang Alamat ng Unang Unggoy
29 Why Lizards Kiss the Ground

Copies of the official versions of the stories may be downloaded from the Film Academy of the Philippines website at: http://filmacademyphil.org and are also available in printed form at the FAP office: 4th Floor MOWELFUND PLAZA, No. 66 Rosario Drive cor. Ilang-ilang St., Cubao Quezon City, Philippines.

4. Participants must choose three (3) Alamat stories and submit the titles on or before July 15, 2015 along with the registration form. The FAP will assign one Alamat story to each participant based on their submissions and the first-come-first-served rule. This is to ensure the even distribution of Alamat stories to all the participants. Once an Alamat story has been assigned to a participant, they have untilAugust 31, 2015 to submit their story outline/sequence guide/ screenplay for approval of the FAP before they begin production.

5. Entries should be animation works in any of the following forms: traditional hand-drawn, digital hand-drawn, digital 2d, digital 3d, rotoscope, stop-motion, cut-out or any combination of these techniques.

6. Entries must be submitted not later than 30 April 2016.

7. Entry works must be submitted in Quicktime .mov or .avi format with the following technical specificatons: 24 frames per second, HD 1920×1080, uncompressed or with a compression of Apple ProRes/HQ/4444, DVCPROHD, DnxHD.

8. Members of Pilmuda (Musical Directors’ Guild) will provide original music for all entries. Contestants must coordinate with Pilmuda through the FAP for the creation of the original soundtrack.

9. All submitted entries and materials required by the organizers shall remain in the FAP archives, but the copyright of the material belongs/remains with the producer/ director/ creator. The participants also grant FAP the right to exhibit the winning entries in whole or in part in print (publication), on any visual medium (TV, etc.), in public and private places (theaters, schools, etc.), and on the Internet for promotion and information both local and international.

10. The FAP will provide Animation seminars for all participants during the duration of the contest. The participants are required to show the FAP updates on their works during these seminars.

11. Contest registration forms are available for download at http://filmacademyphil.org and at the FAP office at 4th Floor MOWELFUND Plaza, No. 66 Rosario Drive cor. Ilang-ilang St., Cubao, Quezon City. Completed registration forms must be submitted to the FAP office not later than July 15, 2015.

12. No registration or application fee is required.

13. Registration forms with incomplete information will not be accepted.

14. Each individual entrant may only submit one entry, either as an individual or part of a group.

15. Entries will be judged by a panel composed of distinguished individuals from the fields of arts, film and animation.

16. Criteria for judging would be as follows:

a) Design – 25%
This includes originality of character and environment design. It also takes into consideration the effectiveness of the design as an aid in telling the story.

b) Technical Quality – 25%
This comprises animation technique, editing, compositing and other technical aspects of the production.

c) Storytelling – 25%
This will rate how the entrants use animation as a medium to tell their chosen story effectively. The entry must take advantage of the medium to catch the viewers’ interest and clearly convey the message of the story.

d) Overall Impact – 25%
This comprises the entertainment value of the work as well as its effectiveness in leaving a positive impression on the minds of the viewers.

17. Awards and Prizes

a) One (1) Grand Prize Winner will be chosen by the Board of Judges and awarded P100,000.00 and a certificate. The winning entry will be screened at an international film festival.

b) The next top Fifteen (15) entries will be awarded P50,000.00 and a certificate per winner.

c) The FAP will enhance the 16 winning films in preparation for public viewing.
The 16 winners will be shown during the Quezon City Film Festival in October 2016 and subsequently to elementary and high school students (Grade 1 to 12) as part of Sine Panitik 2016-17.

For questions, you may send it to fap_web@yahoo.com or on our official Facebook page Sine Panitik