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CELSO KID AND KA PINONG: NEXT NATIONAL ARTISTS? by fapweb  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Feb 29, 2008

The Film Academy of the Philippines nominated film Director Celso Ad. Castillo and master composer Josefino Y. Cenizal as National Artists for Film and Music, respectively.

The submission of nominations to the National Commission for Culture and the Arts was extended up to Friday, February 29, 2008, the end of the celebration of National Arts Month.

The FAP endorsements were contained in board resolutions 12A-2007 (for Director Castillo) and 02A-2008 (for Prof. Cenizal).

In endorsing Director Castillo, the FAP resolution states that:

–It recognizes the numerous exemplary and significant achievements of Celso Ad. Castillo as filmmaker and director, his commitment and lifelong dedication to his craft, and as a worthy icon to his peers and the young breed of filmmakers;

–It recognizes Celso Ad. Castillo as a veteran filmmaker of five decades with a brilliant body of works that are certified classics of Philippine cinema;

–It acknowledges Celso Ad. Castillo’s creations as truthful, socially relevant, entertaining and professionally crafted films which gave honor to the Filipino as filmmaker;

–It appreciates Celso Ad. Castillo’s consistent effort to tackle the theme of our national identity and the dignity of the Filipino in his films;

–It acknowledges Celso Ad. Castillo as a master filmmaker who continues to evolve new trends in his movies as he consistently upholds his belief that filmmaking is an art form that thrives through constant innovation and experimentation; and

–It recognizes Celso Ad. Castillo as a multi-awarded filmmaker, garnering innumerable national and international recognitions, favorable reviews and acclamations of excellence, as well as the respect and admiration of his peers and co-workers in the film industry.

In endorsing Prof. Cenizal, the FAP resolution states:

–It recognizes the exemplary and significant achievements of Josefino Y. Cenizal as music composer, arranger and musical director of noted Filipino films, his distinguished leadership in the field of music, his commitment and lifelong dedication to his craft, and an icon to his peers and the young breed of musicians;

–It recognizes Josefino Y. Cenizal as a veteran composer of six decades since he wrote Hindi kita Malimot in 1939, with compositions and movie theme songs that are certified classics in the world of Philippine music and Philippine cinema;

–It acknowledges Josefino Y. Cenizal’s musical works as artistic, professionally crafted, entertaining and truthfully reflective of the Filipino character, mind and spirit, as his works constantly uphold the identity and honor of the Filipino people;

–It acknowledges Josefino Y. Cenizal as a master musician, composer and musical director who, since the start of his career in 1937, continues to be actively involved in the creation and promotion of the art that he loves so much; and

–It recognizes Josefino Y. Cenizal as a multi-awarded musician and composer who had garnered recognition and acclamation of excellence from critics and the respect and admiration of his peers and co-workers in the music industry.

There are now 57 national artists, broken down in six categories:

Architecture (4)—Juan F. Nakpil (declared NA in 1973); Pablo S. Antonio (1976); Leandro V. Locsin (1990); and Ildefonso P. Santos, Jr. (2006).

Cinema (5)—Gerardo ‘Gerry’ de Leon (1982); Lino Brocka (1997); Ishmael Bernal (2001); Eddie S. Romero (2003); and Ronald Allan K. Poe (2006).

Dance (4)—Francisca Reyes Aquino (1973); Leonor Orosa Goquingco (1976); Lucrecia Reyes-Urtula (1988); and Ramon Obusan (2006).

Literature (12)—Amado V. Hernandez (1973); Jose Garcia Villa (1973); Nick Joaquin (1976); Carlos P. Romulo (1982); Francisco Arcellana (1990); N.V.M. Gonzales (1990); Carlos Quirino (1997 for historical literature); Edith L. Tiempo (1999); F. Sionil Jose (2001); Virgilio S. Almario (2003); Alejandro R. Roces (2003); and Bienvenido Lumbera (2006).

Music (10)—Antonio J. Molina (1973); Jovita Fuentes (1976); Antonino R. Buenaventura (1988); Lucrecia R. Kasilag (1989); Lucio D. San Pedro (1991);Levi Celerio (1997); Felipe Padilla De Leon (1997); Jose Maceda (1997); Ernani J. Cuenco (1999); and Andrea O. Veneracion (1999).

Theater (7)—Lamberto V. Avellana (1976 for theater and film); Honorata ‘Atang’ Dela Rama (1987 for theater and music); Wilfrido Ma. Guerrero (1997); Rolando S. Tinio (1997 for theater and literature); Daisy H. Avellana (1999); Severino Montano (2001); and Salvador F. Bernal (2003 for theater design).

Visual Arts (15)—Fernando C. Amorsolo (1972 for painting); Carlos ‘Botong’ Francisco (1973 for painting); Gullermo Estrella Tolentino (1973 for sculpture); Napoleon V. Abueva (1976 for sculpture); Victorio C. Edades (1976 for painting); Vicente S. Manansala (1981 for painting); Cesar Legaspi (1990 for visual arts); Hernando R. Ocampo (1991 for visual arts); Arturo R. Luz (1997 for visual arts); J. Elizalde Navarro (1999 for painting); Ang Kiukok (2001 for visual arts); Jose T. Joya (2003 for visual arts); Benedicto R. Cabrera (2006 for painting); Abdulmari Asia Imao (2006 for sculpture); and Ramon Valera (2006 for fashion design).

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