Apr 13
A MUST-ZERO SEX by fapweb  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Mon, Apr 13, 2015

Second prize/Students category by Florence Nelita Anne Afable,
Judge Feliciano Belmonte Sr. High School

Pre-marital sex is a rusty misconception borne out of personal insecurity, relation instability and over-all desire to be judged and found desirable. Yet, there are those who utilize such poignant words that express fragility into a lethal sword, to manipulate, to control and to take advantage of the vulnerable need to be accepted. This is the circle of today’s society, an undeniable reality portrayed in the film, English Only, Please.

In the movie, Jennilyn Mercado plays the role of a nursing undergraduate who opted to stay in Metro satisfying her family’s financial needs. ‘Teresita Madlansacay’ is a 24-year-old Filipina working as a part-time English tutor to Korean students. Hoping to lessen depression while seeking comfort, she indulged in an unstable sexual relationship with Kean Cipriano. Because of her innocence, she mistakenly regarded sex as a foundation of love.

Derek Ramsay, playing the role of a foreigner named Julian Parker, chose to hire Tere as his tutor, demanding her to translate some words into Filipino about the letter he wrote for his ex-girlfriend Megan.

Sooner, these two characters realized that they should break through all the pain and later, finally found themselves in love with each other.

Continuing the healing process, both broken hearts were mended when they came to appreciate the true value of love and the sanctity and divinity of sex after marriage.

The story taught us to grasp a full understanding of self-respect. It also delivered an inspiring message to Filipino women to receive adequate self-esteem for their gender, that men shouldn’t undermine the character of women in society amidst gender differences rather promote gender equality in all walks of life.

English Only, Please didn’t only showcase the affluent literacy of Filipinos, but it also gave us a deeper insight of what and how to redeem a moral character, that is to uplift one’s dignity in a must-zero sex for a teenager not into a marital relationship.

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