Feb 15
FOUR ENTRIES FOR DIRECTORS’ SERIES: 2 MORE TO BE SELECTED by fapweb  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Feb 15, 2008

Four entries have been selected by the screening committee of the first ever Directors’ Series program, a joint undertaking of the Directors’ Guild of the Philippines and APT Entertainment which is envisioned to produce more audience-friendly digital feature films.

The program intends to initially produce six films at the rate of two films at a time. The project is the brainchild of DGPI President Tony Y. Reyes and APT Entertainment board chairman Antonio P. Tuviera.

The first four entries selected by the screening committee are the following:

Fuschia with Joel Lamangan as director-proponent and Ricky Lee as scriptwriter;

Lechon Lauriat with Lore Reyes as director-proponent and Reyes and Peque Gallaga as scriptwriters;

Bente with Mel Chionglo as director-proponent and Ricky Lee as scriptwriter;

Dead na si Lolo with Soxy Topacio as director-proponent and scriptwriter.

APT Entertainment announced that it is still looking for two more scripts which DGPI members may submit on or before March 14, 2008. These additional two entries will round up the first batch of films for the Directors’ Series.

For the last two entries, APT Entertainment said they prefer them to be limited to the following genres: horror, love/romance and youth-oriented.

All films must be completed with a P2 million budget each with an additional P1 million each for transfer of the digital film into a .35 mm print.

DGPI President Reyes said that a two-day workshop or forum on digital filming technology will be held for the six directors who will participate in the Directors’ Series. The forum/workshop will also be attended by the directors’ respective cinematographers and production designers.

Resource persons from digital post production houses and Opticolors will be invited. The subjects for discussion will include:

–Pre-production requirements of digital filmmaking.

–Type and setting of digital cameras to be used. Required camera resolution will be at least 1980X 720 or higher to ensure fine quality film transfer. This segment will feature camera testing and film transfer presentation.

–Principal photography technical requirements per project to be discussed with directors, cinematographers and production designers.

–Offline and online editing, as well as mixing setup and workflow.

–Requirements for final film transfer.

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