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A VERY, VERY WARM WELCOME BACK by Butch Macaro  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Feb 15, 2008

Based on the unsolicited predictions for the new Chinese New year of veteran writer A.F., the Year of the Rat is the best and opportune time that one will work doubly hard to fulfill his or her dreams.

And that best sums up the aspirations of Jethro Ramirez whom the writer unexpectedly met last January 30 at the Film Academy of the Philippines offices on the grounds floor of OctoArts Bldg. along Panay Avenue in Quezon City. I just knew I bumped into a familiar figure though it was after several seconds that I asked the familiar figure: Jethro Ramirez??? He slowly removed his shades and exposed his familiar expressive eyes, nodded then offered a warm handshake like I am a long lost friend of many years he is seeing for the first time.

Actually, I was never close nor personally known to him. I remember having seen him in some movies. I was a bit surprise by his warm gesture. I actually first met him on the set of Marital Rape during the film’s shooting at Quezon City court-room. That was actually 10 years ago. The film, which starred Patricia Javier, Raymond Bagatsing and Snooky Serna was directed by Neil ‘Buboy’ Tan. He told me he was supposed to meet Director William Mayo who holds office there for a project not connected with show business.

Jethro emphasized that after a long hiatus (after more than five years in fact),
he is now shooting a film, Sanib 2, where he played the role of a priest. The film, he said, is being directed by Director Celso Ad. Castillo and also stars Alicia Haines, Jacklyn Jose, Brandon Legaspi, Roldan Aquino and Honey Blanca, who is also the producer. The film has four more shooting days but has no definite play date as yet.

Jethro said he was also a part of the cast of Anak Ni Kumander, which was shown during the last Metro Manila Film Festival. It starred and was produced by boxing sensation Manny Pacquiao.

He said he is uncertain if his fans will still remember him in his return to films. I assured him he will be most welcomed. In the long years of his unexpected disappearance, Jethro seemed not to have changed at all physically. He still looks fresh and young-looking—still the aspiring twenty-year-old when he was just beginning in the movies.

I told him about a film project which is tentatively scheduled to star next April. I said I will try to find a role for him. Sonny Garduce of PAL joined us and was also glad and pleasantly surprised to see Jethro. Sonny and his group turned up to be working on another film project. Sonny said that they are offering a multi-awarded actor-turned-politician a role in the project but they are reconsidering their decision to cast him when he turned up to have gained unwanted pounds and is no longer fit for the role. He added that Jethro will be a good replacement. Jethro told Sonny any role will be most welcomed, but expressed the wish the role will still be substantial.

He explained that after his long rest, he is more aware that the competition has grown so stiff he is willing to start from the beginning if need be. The film Sonny is working on is about the cave people of Palawan before the Spanish conques-tadores came to the country and Jethro will be wearing nothing but G-strings. That will not a problem, Jethro assured Sonny. At this point and time in his movie career. Jethro cannot be choosy about roles.

Jethro later handed a copy of his filmography which listed more than 30 movies he had appeared in. These included Marital Rape, Gigil, Solitaire, Alindog ng Lahi, Sgt. Esguerra, Bastardo, Sutla, Totoy Hitman, Kuratong Baleleng, Lipa Massacre, The Maggie dela Riva Story, Vizconde Massacre II, Enteng Manok, The Banjo Laurel Story, Public Enemy No. 2, Kapag Baboy ang Inutang and Mga Ibong Pipit.

I found out that he also appeared in several stage plays. He played the roles of Elias in Noli Me Tangere (1998) and Florante in Florante at Laura (1999). He also guested in television shows like Magpakailanman, Maalaala Mo Kaya, Zarda, Hiyas, Kidlat, Teysi ng Tahanan and The Topaz Story.

He appeared in a good number of print ads and TV commercials including Nissin Biscuits, Anchor Cheesedale, Royal Spaghetti, Clorets, San Miguel Beer, Nissin Cup Noodles and Megalink.

Jehtro actually started his film career via television commercials. He was adjudged Best Actor in Linggo ng Batang Pasig and Sinag ng Karimlan awardee in 1992. He is a member of the Pasig Cultural Foundation, Lics Dramatic Club, Villa Teatro and the Kapisanan ng mga Artistang Pilipino sa Pelikula at Telebisyon.

His unexpected hiatus from show business was caused by a painful and traumatic experience, he lated confided to me. Some years back, his younger sister was abducted, raped and murdered by an influential politician and some of his men. He explained he had to physically attend to this problem in an effort to bring justice to his murdered sister. He rued that after years of a dragging court case, there is still no end to the case. He added that after spending too much time and money, his family grew frustrated and decided to leave everything to the Almighty God.

We hope that Jethro make a roaring comeback to the industry he really loves. With his young boyish looks, it is not difficult to predict that he will make it the second time around. His willingness to accept provincial tours and appearances will greatly bolster and reinforce his honest desire to return to the world where he said he rally belongs.

Interested party who may want the services of Jethro Ramirez may contact him at 453-5680/ 0920-4520936/ 0922-9962198 or at his e-mail address: jethro_ramirez@yahoo.com

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