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Vice President Jejomar Binay commended Kilos Kaayusan or Movement for National Discipline mnd), a group of civic-minded citizens dedicated to promoting discipline and order in politics and society, during the formal launch of the organization last January 24.
The Vice-President stressed: “It’s about time we address the problem caused by the absence of discipline in many aspects of our lives, among them chaotic road traffic, urban squalor and lack of respect for the elderly.”

Kilos Kaayusan is headed by Economics Professor Benjamin Diokno, now president of Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila, who explained that the movement aims to reinvigorate the desire of Filipinos for a more humane, more equitable and more orderly society.

“Our country is now one of the fastest growing economy in Asia, competing even with economic giant, China. For us to sustain this growth and eventually for our countrymen to benefit from it, we need a more ordered society. We need to re-instill discipline in our daily lives, not just in government. We need to plan our growth thru policies that balance the interests of the people and of businesses,” says Diokno.

The role of the people in nation building is highly essential, says Diokno. Filipinos must realize that their small acts of discipline eventually impact on the overall development of the nation.

“If we, as motorists follow traffic rules to the letter, our present problem in traffic will definitely be solved. Just following those lines you see in national and local roads will effect a marked improvement in the flow of cars and traffic. A small act but overall, if everyone does it, impact most on the improvement of traffic conditions in the metropolis,” Diokno added.

Comedian AiAi delas Alas was welcomed into the movement at its launch at the Lapu-Lapu area in Luneta, joining fellow actors Leo Martinez, the director-general of the Film Academy of the Philippines, and Rez Cortez, president of the Actors’ Guild of the Philippines.

A new panatang Makabansa was recited during the launch of the movement at the Luneta come Saturday. This is reprinted below:

Ang Bagong Panatang Makabansa

Panata ko sa aking bayan
Iibigin ko siya ng may kapurihan
Ilalaan kong lagi ang aking buong katauhan
Upang siya’Y maging malakas, maunlad at may kaayusan.

Sasambahi ko ang Dios na Makapangyarihan;
Sisikapin kong maging huwaran ng aking pamayanan.
Ipagkakapuri ko ang aking tahanan
Upang maging halimbawa ng karangalan.

Mahal ko ang Pilipinas,
Susundin ko ang kanyang mga batas
Tutuparin ko ang kanyang mga atas
Ipagtatanggol ko ang kapaligirang maaliwalas
Para sa mas magandang bukas.

Tungkulin ko siyang paglingkuran
Sa panahong buhay ay ilalaan.
Lagi kong itatangi ang aking bayan
Sa salita, sa gawa, sa isipan
Sa harap ng mga dayuhan.

Ipagkakapuri ko ang aking Kasaysayan;
Pagyayamanin ko ang aking kalinangan;
Pasisiglahin ko ang aking kabuhayan,
Tapat sa tungkulin, maayos sa kalakaran.

Kakalingain KO ang aking kapuwa,
Tutulungan ang mga pulubi, balo at ulila;
Lalabanan ang katiwalian
Lalo na ang pagsikil ng mga karapatan.

Pagsisikapin kong labanan
Anumang banta sa akin Sambayanan;
Pagyayamanin ko ang pagiging Pilipino
Sa isip, sa puso at sa gawa.


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