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MEETING JERIC RAVAL: FANGIRL’S DREAM COME TRUE by Salve Grace B. Losbanes  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Jan 23, 2015

Every fangirl’s dream is to meet her inspiration, lalo na kung sikat na personalidad. Whenever there’s an opportunity to meet that person, ginagawa talaga ng isang fan ang lahat ng paraan just to meet him, of course, good ways. Ganyan din ako…na nagkatotoo nga.

Being born in the new millennium, my generation has our own set of celebrities we admire like, Dennis Trillo, Coco Martin, Angel Locsin or Sarah Geronimo, to name some. I may belong to admire those stars but then unlike most of the youth of today, I also admire most artists from the 80s and 90s. One of the actors from 90s to which I admire is action star Jeric Raval.

Ageless action star Jeric Raval

I remembered writing the article My Last Action Hero stating few things I like about Kuya Jeric (as what I call him) such as his appearances or certain things about his movie. I also remembered stating that I’m holding Kuya Jeric’s fan group with fans from various ages.

I really did stand on being a fan of Kuya Jeric. I became active in updating one of his fan pages about his guesting and indie movies. Simpleng bagay kung tutuusin pero nakakatuwa ring gawin dahil parang way ko na rin yun ng pag express ko ng paghanga sa kanya. As a young fan of this actor, masaya rin akong malaman na hindi lamang ako ang nag-iisang fan niya sa ganitong henerasyon.

January of 2014 when I have read a message sa isang page ni Kuya Jeric that he was looking for the contact of the admin of the page. At first, I was hesitant to give my contacts, pero bumigay rin ako. Few days after I gave my contacts, an unknown number called me. Nung unang tawag di ko pa nasagot because I was travelling, but then, when I reached home, dun na nangyari ang first conversation namin.

It was unbelievable for a simple fan like me, but it did happened. I introduced myself to him on the phone at nagkwentuhan kami ng konti ni Kuya Jeric. I can feel how happy he was through his voice thanking me for what I did, updating his pages and being an active fan. “Masaya ka ba Salvz? Sana masaya ka,” those words even up to now are still in my mind…. And still the answer is “ Yes, I am happy to be your fan.”

From then on, Kuya Jeric and I started to communicate. Kinakamusta ko siya pag may time akong itext siya, and how nice of him kasi nagrereply siya even if I know he was busy. It was election days during those times, nung nalaman kong gumawa ng Facebook Account si Kuya Jeric. I then became much active in updating his pages, posting his photos and videos during the campaign period as well as trying our best to campaign for him also.

Sa Facebook rin mas naging malawak ang communication ko kay Kuya Jeric at mas nakilala ko na rin siya sa tulong ng mga taong malapit sa kanya. Ang saya ng feeling na maging fan niya! Syempre hindi lang naman basta basta for fan-inspiration ang communication namin ni Kuya Jeric. Nakakatuwa rin pag minsan sini-share rin niya sa akin ang magandang nangyari about him at minsan ganun rin ako sa kanya. He has been also sending inspirational messages to me, like nung nabasa niya ang article ko. Kuya Jeric then would tell me to keep it up.

Every after we talk, there’s always been a common message we share, “Let’s meet personally soon. I want to thank you personally.” It finally happened.

Being hired by Film Academy of the Philippines (FAP), I consider it as a blessing rather than luck. Knowing this to be a step closer to my dreams, it also paved way for me to meet Kuya Jeric personally.

Dream come true: Salve with her action star Jeric Raval

He was still on a vacation abroad when I opened up to Kuya Jeric that I actually got a job here in the office. Then, I opened up to his friend if it would be possible for me to meet him, and the person said yes.

Few days before I started working in this office, Kuya Jeric called me on the phone. He asked me about my new life here in Manila. That time, I happened to ask Kuya Jeric if when would he be available for me to meet him up. He then asked me if when would I start working because he will be visiting me. Noong una akala ko nagibiro lang siya, but I didn’t know na seseryosohin pala talaga niya. “ Malakas ka sa’kin eh!” were his words before we ended up that conversation.

D-day comes and I still cannot believe it. I was just busy doing my task here in the office, when I happened to open up my Facebook Account and saw Kuya Jeric’s status. I commented there about the status but his response was shocking, “ Salvz, papunta na ako jan. Dadalawin kita.” Happy fan right here!

I’ve waited for my dismissal time to come before I ran down the building to meet Kuya Jeric and his friends, to which I also know. When I saw him, we greeted each other with a hug at nagkamustahan. We had a little chit chat and then the usual picture-taking. My face was calm reaction, taliwas sa mga reaksyon ng ibang fans pag nakikita niya ang paborito niyang artista sa personal. Pero sa totoo lang, na-starstruck ako, dahil unlike what I expected, napakagwapo pa rin ng mukha niya. It seems like di siya tumatanda, and I admit, he is very nice and sweet. Nakaka-intimidate rin nung picture taking portion namin dahil panay ang yakap ni Kuya Jeric sa akin, so cute.

Action Star Jeric Raval hugs his ultimate fan Salve when they met for the first time

Masyado nang gabi nung nameet ko si Kuya Jeric so we didn’t really had this chance na magkwentuhan. Pero sulit ang pagkikitang yun, and he told me na since nandito na ako, we can meet again as much as our time would match. Kuya Jeric’s niceness to me didn’t end at that, dahil pinahatid pa niya kami hanggang sa labasan ng area. So nice of him.

Until now, I still cannot believe that I’ve actually finally met him, but at the same time, I thought of it as a blessing. Para sa akin blessing yung, blessed na nakita ko sa personal ang isa sa mga taong nagbigay ng inspirasyon sa akin. Not only that he is my favorite star, but even Kuya Jeric claimed that he also considered me as a friend, kahit sobrang layo ng edad namin. Kilig!

Ed’s note: Salve Losbañes is the new Technical Assistant of the Film Academy of the Philippines

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