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LVN COSTUME PICTURES by Tante de Ramos  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Thu, Nov 27, 2014

During the 1940s and the 1950s, LVN Pictures were producing costume films in the swashbuckling genre. Some of these films were as follows:

Ibong Adarna– The original version starred Mila del Sol, Fred Cortez, Sr., Ester Magalona, Vicente Oliver, Deanna Prieto and Ben Rubio. Supporting players Included Cecilio Joaquin, Mguel Anzures, Rosario Lam, Canuplin, Regio Villa, Juan Rodriguez with several extras. The 1941 film was directed by Vicente Salumbides and was a third anniversary presentation produced by the studio outfit.

Prinsipeng Hindi Tumatawa– It starred Rogelio de la Rosa as the prince and Mila del Sol as the ever smiling lady. Co-stars included Elvira Reyes and Erlinda Cortez. It was made in 1946 and directed by Manuel Conde.

Prinsesang Basahan– The film starred Tessie Quintana in the title role and Armando Goyena as her reel loveteam partner. The film was shot in 1949.

Prinsipe Amante– It starred Rogelio de la Rosa in the title role and Delia Razon as Princess Elena. Supporting cast included Ben Rubio as Prinsipe Rodrigo, Eliseo Carvajal as King Falcon and Oscar Obligacion as the lukayo or court jester. The 1950 picture, in Ansco color, was a big blockbuster and was directed by Lamberto Avellana.

Dalawang Prinsipeng Kambal– The film starred Pugo and Togo as the twin princes with Teody Belarmino and Milagros Naval. The 1951 comedy film directed by Manuel Silos.

David at Goliath– The film starred Armando Goyena in the title role and Tessie Quintana as his reel loveteam partner. Based on the biblical story, it was produced in 1951.

Haring Kobra– The film starred Rogelio de la Rosa in a dual role, Lilia Dizon and Jaime de la Rosa. The costume drama was produced in 1951.

Prinsipe Amante sa Rubitanya– This film sequel starred Rogelio de la Rosa as Prinsipe Amante, Delia Razon as Princesa Elena, Ben Rubio as Prinsipe Rodrigo, Eliseo Carvajal as King Falcon and Oscar Obligacion as court jester. The cast now included Rosa Rosal as the villainess. The 1951 film was directed by Lamberto V. Avellana.

Rodrigo de Villa– It starred Mario Montenegro and Delia Razon with co-stars Nestor de Villa, Jose Vergara, Oscar Keese and Carlos Salazar. The 1952 film, in Ansco color, was directed by Gregorio Fernandez.

Haring Solomon– This biblical film starred Nestor de Villa and Nida Blanca and was produced in 1953.

Dose Pares– This 1954 film starred Mario Montenegro and Delia Razon.

Prinsipe Tinoso– This is another 1954 film starring the love team of Mario Montenegro and Delia Razon.

Banal o Makasalanan – This 1955 film starred Mario Montenegro and Delia Razon.

Ibong Adarna- A film remake, it starred Nida Blanca, Nestor de Villa, Cecilia Lopez, Carlos Salazar, Nita Javier and Jose Vergara. It was based on the literary classic story of three brother princes searching for the legendary Adarna bird for the cure of their father king. The 1955 film, shot in Eastman color, was directed by Manuel Conde.

Higit sa Korona– Another Mario Montenegro-Delia Razon about a prince who saved
a poor girl about to be whiplashed because the prince fell in love with her. The co-stars included Johnny Reyes, Jose Vergara. Alfonso Carvajal, Rosa Aguirre and Joseph de Cordova with Rosa Rosal as the main villainess. This 1956 box-office hit was directed by Richard Abelardo.

Si Marita at ang Pitong Duwende– The film starred Marita Zobel in the role of fairy tale favorite Snow White and Robert Campos as the dashing prince. The cast also included Perla Bautista, Caridad Sanchez, Rene Ibanez, Arturo de Castille, Ric Gutierrez, Monang Carvajal, Nora Dy and Pat Salem and Dinky Doo. The 1960 film was directed by Susana C. de Guzman.

Reyna Elena– The film, starring Mila del Sol and Jaime de la Rosa, was about the story of the queen looking for the cross of Christ.

Florante at Laura- The film based on the classic narrative poem of Francisco Balagtas starred Rogelio de la Rosa as Florante and Rita Rivera as Laura.

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