Oct 24
WINNERS OF SINE PANITIK 2 SCRIPTWRITING CONTEST ANNOUNCED IN NOVEMBER by fapweb  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Oct 24, 2014

A record 75 entries were submitted in the Second Sine Panitik Scriptwriting Contest whose winners will be announced in mid-November.

This develops even as Tres, the film adaptation of three winning scripts in the First Sine Panitik Scriptwriting Contest will premier during the 2014 Quezon City International Film Festival on November 5 to 11 at Ayala Trinoma Cinema.

Film Academy of the Philippines Director General Leo G. Martinez said that the board of judges in the first scriptwriting contest—Jose Lacaba, Isagani Cruz and Jose N. Carreon—will also be the judges for the 2nd Sine Panitik contest.

The short stories with number of submissions are as follows:

My Brother’s Peculiar Chicken by Alejandro Roces—11 scripts
Sandosenang Sapatos ni Luis Gatmaitan—10 scripts
My Father Goes to Court by Carlos Bulosan—7 scripts
How My Brother Leon Brought Home a Wife by Manuel E. Arguilla—5 scripts
May Buhay sa Looban ni Pedro S. Dandan—5scripts

Banyaga ni Liwayway A. Arceo—5 scripts
Children of the Ash-Covered Loam by N.V.M. Gonzalez—5 scripts
Lugmok na ang Nayon ni Edgardo M. Reyes—4scripts
Dead Stars by Paz Marquez Benitez—4 scripts
The Death of Fray Salvador Montano by Rosario Ma. Lucero—3 scripts

Midsummer by Miguel Arguilla—3 scripts
Si Intoy Syokoy ng Kalye Marino ni Eros S. Atalia—2 scripts
Bread of Salt by N.V.M. Gonzalez—2 scripts
Ang Apo ni Lola Soledad ni Edgardo Maranan—2 scripts
We Won’t Cry About This by Socorro Villanueva—2 scripts

Suyuan sa Tubigan ni Macario Pineda—2 scripts
The Woman in the Box by Jose Dalisay—one script
In Transit by Rebecca E. Khan—one script
Apokalipsis ni Alvin P. Yapan—one script
Shut Up and Live by Lakambini Sitoy—one script

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