Jun 27

Kilos Kaayusan, a movement of Filipinos committed to the principles of national discipline and order, recently called on the Aquino administration to immediately prosecute all those involved in the PDAP, DAP and Malampaya fund scandals, recover what they stole and pass reform measures to ensure a continuity in the fight against graft and corruption.

Rank and file members of the various guilds of the Film Academy of the Philippines are charter members of the Kilos Kaayusan and FAP Director General Leo G. Martinez is a member of the KK National Council.

Prof. Benjamin Diokno, KK chairman, said the fight against the pork barrel scam should be credible and sustainable. He stated that government should exercise fairness and should be willing to inflict pain on all offenders, regardless of political color.

Excerpts from the Kilos Kaayusan official statement are quoted verbatim:
“We call on the government, especially the Department of Justice, to bring to court all legislators, executives, bureaucrats and private citizens involved in the organized stealing and plunder of PDAF, the Malampaya Fund and DAP, regardless of their political affiliation. In addition, the government must move to seize these plundered monies and assets at the soonest time before these schemers launder these monies here and abroad.

We fear that some of these stolen funds are now deposited in several offshore accounts and may have been laundered already.

It is our right and our responsibility as Filipino citizens to call for our government to put an end to pork barrel allocation, consistent with the Supreme Court decision that ‘pork’ allocation is unconstitutional. It violates the constitutional distribution of powers.

We urge government authorities to strengthen political and administrative institutions.

In this regard, the Aquino administration should show its sincerity, policy consistency, and objectivity in its fight against corruption by certifying to Congress as urgent two critical reform measures: the Freedom of Information Act and the Budget Impoundment Control Act. The first promotes real transparency while the second limits the power of the President to subvert the congressional power of the purse. The approval of these two measures should not pose a problem for President Aquino. In the past, he supported both measures in order to correct the abuses of the President in the use of public funds. Unless these two measures are passed, there is no guarantee that the fight against corruption will endure.”

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