Jan 10
SHOWBIZ SCANDAL 2007 by Butch Macaro  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Thu, Jan 10, 2008

A popular TV host with an equally popular sportsman almost shattered their marriage with a third party in the triangle.

Two very credible music personalities openly admitted their relationship.

Two TV personalities shocked the movie world with their intimate picture together.

A showbiz-politician admitted his trial separation period with another showbiz personality.

A former beauty title-holder married to a rich businessman was a hot item because of their split up.

These were some of the most shocking headlines that tabloids and widely read broadsheets played up last year. The rest were minor incidents but nonetheless shocking, specially for those who detest scandals, who are naive, overly- religious, self-righteous and old fashioned.

In the first quarter of 2007–a year of the pig– the Kris Aquino-James Yap- Hope Centeno triangle hugged centerstage as a scaldingly hot news item. Centeno appeared on TV to confirm the news of her sexual relationship with the basketball player husband of Kris Aquino. Centeno, a receptionist at the Belo Medical Clinic claimed that every time Yap visited the clinic for a weekly facial and body scrub, an intimate affair happened between them.

Not to keep mum about the revelation, Kris after sometime appeared on TV too
to air her side regarding the affair and won the sympathy of televiewers as a battered wife. She even announced her decision to file a case against James and Hope and to work for the annulment of their marriage. That time Kris was a few months away from childbirth and more sympathy came pouring her side. James did everything to prove his innocence and denied Hope’s story. As everybody knew, the case eventually disintegrated and Kris and James were back in each other’s arms. The birth of their first baby sealed the fact that their union survived the battering of the controversy.

That was not the first time Kris appeared on television programs not as a host but as interviewee. Remember the scandal between her and Philip Salvador, the father of her first son? Everything was also was, leaving no rancor settled and everybody lived happily ever after.

Ipe too was involved in a controversy as an offshoot with his separation from another woman. The woman filed a case against Ipe involving a large sum of money she claimed Ipe owed her. The case is still pending in court.

It was a common knowledge before and it was finally confirmed last year that Regine Velasquez and Ogie Alcasid are in love with each other. Ogie as we all know was very much married to Australian beauty queen Michelle Van Eimeren with whom he has two beautiful daughters. But Ogie had been very vocal in saying that he is very much in love with Regine. But up to now, there is no official announcement about a forthcoming date at the altar

Dennis Padilla and wife Marjorie Barretto claimed to be on a trial separation period. They they have four children. The reason for the split was allegedly Padilla’s womanizing. A series of reconciliatory talks between the two was arranged but up to press time, the reconciliation– if only for the sake of their children—is still not in sight.

Gretchen Barretto and John Estrada were in the news for over a week because of their ‘kissing photo’ taken by John’s cellphone.It was a very hot topic that tabloid writers had a feast for over a week. Now it has been dumped into the bin of forgotten hullabaloos.

After the ‘kissing photo’ scandal, Gretchen’s bosom buddy Ruffa Gutierrez became the center of intrigues by coming out to the press announcing her separation from husband Yilmaz Bektas, a scion of a rich family in Istanbul, Turkey. Their marriage was one of the most talked about weddings some years back.

Yilmaz tried to counter the one-sided coverage of the controversy and agreed to be interviewed in some local TV shows to give his side of the story and in the process saying disparaging information about his wife. He was obviously fishing for Filipino sympathy.

But in the midst of the controversy, Yilmaz Bektas flew into the country and tried to make amends. He openly admitted that he missed his kids and of course Ruffa. He emphasized he will do everything for a reconciliation. Christmas came and was gone. The new year 2008 began but there is still no official reconciliation between Ruffa and Yilmaz. And Annabelle has obviously sighed with relief.

Scandal, controversies and shenanigans in showbiz really add spice to our daily tabloid fare. Without them, showbiz will be a boring journey to the next film festival. Movie fans and film buffs love to wallow in gossips. But I still cannot believe showbiz denizens will willingly dive into whirlpools of scandals to become center of controversies. Or do they really need them to stay in the center of the news.

I know for a fact that some showbiz personalities deliberately create furor for entertainment writers to write about, never mind if they are foul or below the belt. It seems that for them what matters is that they are written about and are not lost in the public eye. If you are in the news, you are popular and therefore you have enough following to watch your next movie to date. The more scandals around you and about you, the more exposure you will get and the more movie assignments that will come your way. I am almost tempted to write that that scandals and controversies are part and parcel—even a kind of indispensable necessity—in the careers of showbiz personalities.