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REMINDER: JUNE 14 FOR SUBMISSION OF SCRIPTS FOR 2014 MMFFP by fapweb  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Jun 6, 2014

A timely reminder for producers: June 14 is the deadline for the submission of scripts for possible entry in the 40th Metropolitan Manila Film Festival in December 2014.

According to the MMFFP rules and regulations, the following requirements must be followed:

*Screenplays/scripts may be in Filipino or English language, but films made therefrom must be in any Filipino dialect. Nevertheless, foreign language may be used in some dialogues not exceeding 50% of the entire dialogue for purposes of enhancing the movie.

*Lead stars and other cast, crew and staff, must be Filipino citizens or of Filipino descent. However, should the employment of foreign actors/actresses and staff and/or crew be necessary, the number of such foreign actors/actresses and crew and/or staff to be employed in a film should not be more than 50% of the major cast and 20% of the staff and/or crew of the film, respectively.

*An entry film shall not have been, in any way, commercially exhibited here and/or abroad.
*The length of any film entry should not exceed three hours.
The requirements for the submission of screenplays/scripts are as follows:
*Screenplays/scripts must be submitted on or before June 14 (Saturday).
*There shall be no limitations in the number of screenplays/scripts that a production or movie company may submit.
*Producers shall file the following with the MMFF Secretariat:

1) Duly accomplished and notarized application to participate;
2) Sixteen (16) copies of the screenplay/script;
3) A detailed filmography containing the list of proposed cast and director who shall participate in the production of the entry. Subsequent changes in the filmography, as submitted, shall be subject to the approval of the Special Working Committee upon recommendation of the Selection Committee, and shall be made on or before the date provided under the Festival Calendar. Provided, that the replacements for the lead actors/actresses should be of equal box-office appeal.
4) Proof of payment of the non-refundable entry fee in the amount of Thirty Thousand Pesos (P30, 000.00) for every screenplay/script submitted. The said fee shall be paid to the Secretariat in cash or manager’s/cashier’s check payable to MMFF. Said entry fee shall form part of the non-tax revenue of the festival.
5) Notarized affidavit of the producer attesting that:
the entry has never been commercially exhibited;
the producer will participate in the Festival once the entry is selected and the movie to be produced shall be based on the submitted screenplay/script, filmography and application as filed;they will not prohibit their actors/actresses to appear or perform in any of the MMFF programs/activities; and the producer agrees to abide by all the rules and regulations governing the Metro Manila Film Festival.

A Selection Committee shall choose the eight (8) entries to be referred to as Festival’s “Official Entries”.

The criteria for the Selection of the Official Entries are as follows:

Story, Creativity, Writing Excellence, Innovativeness, and Thematic Value: 40%
Commercial Viability: 50%
Filipino Cultural and / or Historical Value: 10%

No more than two entries of the same film genre shall be included in the Official Entries. The entry films may fall under any of the following genres: action, drama, comedy, horror, adventure, suspense, science fiction, fantasy, musical or a combination of two or more thereof.

No two entries starring the same leading actor/actress shall be allowed except when such actor or actress’ appearance in the second film is only supporting, minor or cameo in nature.

No two entries having the same Director shall be selected.

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