May 19
FAP GETS 2ND TRANCHE OF 2013 FILMFEST AMUSEMENT TAX REBATE by fapweb  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Mon, May 19, 2014

The Film Academy of the Philippines and four other beneficiaries received the second tranche of their share of the amusement tax rebate during last year’s Metropolitan Manila Film Festival. The checks were dated May 9. The FAP’s second tranche amounted to P400,000.

The first tranche was distributed during the launching of the 40th Metro Filmfest at Club Filipino last March 5. The Academy has been seeking clarification why the shares are still being given by installments even though the cinema houses have already turned over the amusement tax rebate.

The Academy has also been questioning why share of the beneficiaries was short of P82 million for the period 2002 to 2008 according to the Commission on Audit. The Academy has sought an explanation from the MMDA about this but the two agencies have not yet started a dialogue.

For the 2013 filmfest, the Academy received a first tranche of P1 million which was an amount bigger than the previous first tranches given since 2006.

The first tranche amounts were as follows: 2006, P800,000; 2007, P400,000; 2008, P400,000; 2009, P350,000; 2010, P600.000; 2011, P400,000; and 2012, P400,000.

The other beneficiaries were Mowelfund, Motion Picture Anti-Film Piracy Council, Inc., the Optical Media Board and the Film Development Council of the Philippines.

For the 2012 Metro Manila filmfest, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority released a total of eight tranches up to December 18, 2013. The total amount was P2.2 million.

In November, 2010, President Aquino ordered a revised distribution of the Metro Manila Film Festival proceeds as follows:

MOWELFUND…50%; Film Academy of the Philippines…20% ; Motion Picture Anti-Film Piracy Council…20% ; Optical Media Board…5%; and the Film Development Council of the Philippines…5%

The total share of the FAP for the past years are as follows:
2011—P 2,200,000; 2010—P 2,240,000
2009—P 600,000; 2008—P 900,000; 2007—P 750,000; 2006—P 1,300,000; 2005—P 1,325,000; 2004—P 7,400,000; 2003—P 9,000,000; 2002—P 7,000,000; 2001—P 3,150,000; 2000—P 3,936,000
1999—P 4,600,000; 1998—P 3,333,946; 1997—P 2,620,397; 1996—P 2,443,302; 1995—P 2,440,000; 1994—P 2,400,000; 1993—P 3,300,000; 1992—P 4,000,000; 1991—P 3,233,000; 1990—P 1,600,000.