Dec 27
INCREDIBLE DENNIS by Butch Macaro  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Thu, Dec 27, 2007

In my article some issues back, I declared Trillo is synonymous to a trillion dollars. The sound of his name is like music that brings thrills and tremendous excitement among his thousands of shrieking fans. Thrilling is an appropriate adjective one can think about Dennis Trillo. Like thrilla in Manila. Something great, something magnanimous.

Seeing his first award-winning movie, Aishite Imasu, where he played as a sacrificing gay guerilla, I nurtured an unquestionable admiration for his superb acting, incredible for a first timer, for a newcomer. I made it a point to watch every movie in town starring my idol whoever is paired with him. It seemed to me that I admired Dennis the way I did the likes of Eddie Garcia, the late Van de Leon, Vic Vargas and Ruben Rustia. Every role each of them he portrayed was totally different from his preceding roles. There was just no duplication in the delineations. Of course it was much easier to root for actresses, like Carmen Rosales, Alicia Vergel, Gloria Romero, Carol Varga, Amalia Fuentes, Jaclyn Jose, Barbara Perez and Hilda Koronel. They are to me the epitome of good acting.

Among the young generation of actors, I favored Jericho Rosales, Cogie Domingo and of course Dennis Trillo. Their roles were both challenging, difficult and out of this world but they were able to pass them with flying colors. Cogie Domingo in Death Row, Jericho Rosales in Tanging Yaman and Dennis in Aishite Imasu. For quiet sometime, I kept a hundred percent nod for Dennis as an actor and as a person based on articles I read about him and when I chanced at him at the Luna Awards two years back. I created an empirical image of a well- bred young man, well mannered and free of show business intrigues. All the articles written about him were all positive.

Then it came to pass that articles involving him with a beauty queen Carlene Aguilar hit the tabloids’ pages. Well and good, after all Dennis is a man with the capacity and right to fall in love with a woman, much more with a beauty queen. She must be a special someone for Dennis to get involved with. It is normal for a man like him to get attracted to women, and despite his role in that memorable movie about a gay guerilla, nothing much had been written questioning his gender. That reminds me of two popular actors who created an uproar regarding an article written about them as ‘gay’. For some months, the liaison between Dennis and Carlene dominated tabloids about their singing beautiful songs together.

All of a sudden, denials after denials from both camps cramped my favorite tabloid. Dennis denied relationship with Carlene and Carlene neither denied nor confirmed the truth. More intrigues were created when Carlene was rumored to be on the family way. Dennis denied he had anything to do with Carlene’s pregnancy. Ditto with Carlene who also denied Dennis had something to do with her being pregnant until she left for the states to perhaps belie her pregnancy. An article written from a source in the U.S. confirmed Carlene’s pregnancy. Back home, Dennis continued denying his responsibility over Carlene’s being pregnant. In press conferences to drumbeat a movie or a television series, question about the pregnancy of Carlene came thick. He consistently denied the rumors. That should be believed as Dennis is left here to do movies and Carlene was abroad on a vacation spree, until the subject took its rest and spared Dennis further denials.

Now came the unexpected articles written about Dennis giving special attention to a new starlet in the person of Cristine Reyes with whom he appeared in a television series, Super Twins. Other than being together in that series, Dennis stated he did not have special relations with Cristine Reyes. Of course both camps denied the veracity of the articles about them. Denial is I think the most abused term in tinsel town, especially when an actor is confronted with a situation linking him to anyone that will prejudice his career. Both denied and categorically said: no truth in the rumor.

But if it was true that Dennis had nothing to do with Carlene’s pregnancy, why must he deny if he was courting Cristine, or they were already that way with each other. After all, Dennis is not tied up with anybody as he was bent on giving the impression. Cristine is single, Dennis is single and therefore there must be no barrier if ever both fall for each other. But deny is deny. I was not personally involved with either one and I don’t really care with whom ever they fall in love with. Everything seemed confusing, I did not know what to believe. People had been dragged into the mess, but neither of them admitted anything. For some months, anything written about Cristine always mentioned Dennis. And articles written about Dennis likewise mentioned Cristine. But Dennis consistently denied his relationship with Cristine.

Now came the bad news, or was it good news? Carlene gave birth to a baby boy in one of the hospitals in the U.S. After some months, Carlene decided to come back home, keeping it a secret from the press as she did not want to be the center of more intrigues. She wanted to return home unannounced. But a sister of Carlene broke the news of her arrival to the press, and presto, news reporters who were ‘hungry’ for fresh news, trooped to the airport in time for Carlene and her baby’s arrival. Television camera aimed at the new arrival, photographers’ camera flashed left and right and these caught Carlene in anguished surprise. Soon news about Carlene and the baby was the news of the day. Still, silence overwhelmed Dennis and there was understandably no comment from him. Later on, as a natural reaction of an excited father, Dennis failed to contain his emotion and at last claimed the boy as his son, considering as he had said, that the boy looked very much like him.

Back in the U.S., the rumor about Dennis having an affair with Cristine Reyes reached the uncomfortable Carlene. That must be reason for her immediate decision of going back home to claim what was her’s

The press people had a heyday interviewing Carlene who categorically and emphatically declared everything about them. But she stressed that she could not reconcile with him and that she could not recoup whatever feeling she had for Dennis. Of Course Dennis is not denied the right to see his son, but not at this early stage of the break up. She said it was Dennis who claimed “magulo ang relationship nila” because of Carlene. Now because of his denial, Dennis is the one making it “magulo”.

One thing I think that put Carlene in a hot spot was when she went to the Broadway Centrum and confronted Cristine Reyes about her relationship with Dennis. There was almost a clash between the women according to some observers, had it not been for the intervention of some cool-headed individuals. But this did not deter Cristine from filing a case against Carlene. If it is true that Carlene made “sugod” to confront Cristine at the Broadway Centrum, is it not unbecoming of her to do just that, considering her status as a former beauty queen. She should have just kept her anger to herself and remained calm about everything. But the way I looked at it, Carlene is made of sterner stuff and she will not take it sitting down.

But everything had been patched up. Carlene talked and apologized to Cristine and the court case was peacefully settled down. After a rumbling and disappointing scandal, I wished all the people involved in the fracas must have cooled off and return to their normal activities. I could just imagine the mind-boggling trouble Dennis was confronted with. But who must be blamed for all the trouble? I still keep my admiration for Dennis with his superb acting and never mind his private life. After all these things, he must have learned a lot from this sad experience. With all these, I pray Dennis could find a way to settle everything as it will be very difficult to live and be denied being a father to his son.