Apr 21
GMA NETWORK SIGNS CONTRACT RE LOCAL PERFORMERS’ RIGHTS by fapweb  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Mon, Apr 21, 2014

GMA Network has signed a contract with Performers Rights Society of the Philippines (PRSP), Music and Video Performance, Inc. (MVP), Philippine Music Public Performance Society, Inc. (PMPPSI), and Viva/Vicor on the use of original sound recordings of the songs of local musicians and composers for teleseryes.

The contract signing was held on Tuesday, April 15 at Alex III restaurant on Morato avenue extension In Quezon City.

The contract was signed by Viva/Vicor President and COO Tony Ocampo (who also signed for PMPPSI), MVP President Chito Ilacad, PRSP Chairman Leo Martinez, and GMA Network’s Senior Vice President for Finance and Information Communication Technology department Ronaldo P. Mastrili.

John Lesaca, PRSP corporate secretary said: “We’re very glad that GMA Network has recognized the Performers’ Rights as embodied in the Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines and its amendments,one of which featured the establishment and accreditation of the Performers’ Collective Management Organization (CMO).”

“The PRSP considers this a milestone not only locally—because it helps provide a level playing field for performers’ rights—but in the international community [as well]. All the other countries have their own Collective Management Organizations already,” Lesaca added.

The Philippines, according to Lesaca, was the first in Asia to establish a CMO which, however, took several years due to a lack of awareness of the law.

“Since there is a high level of awareness now, performers’ rights are indeed very much recognized,” he concluded.

Martinez said he is hopeful; that a similar contract will materialize to benefit the actors and actresses of the local film and television industry.

GMA’s Mastrili, for his part, said: “By virtue of this agreement, the network can now use all the original sound recordings of these artists and publishers because it is already covered by a blanket agreement.”

“From day one, the network was one with the performers and publishers to recognize the importance of the artists in the industry. So napakadali na pirmahan itong agreement na ito,” he added.

The agreement is retroactive from 2008, when demands were laid for licenses. It is considered a win-win arrangement, for there is now a body that the network can consult with regard to permission.

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