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SOME KOMIKS NOVELS OF MARS RAVELO MADE INTO MOVIES by Tante de Ramos  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Mon, Apr 21, 2014

During the decade of the 1950s and into the 1960s, Mars Ravelo was acknowledged as the king of komiks of the Philippines, churning out novels continuously which were later adapted into films.

As compiled by Tante de Ramos, here are some of the novels turned into films that regaled millions of Filipino readers and movie audiences:

Roberta- With phenomenal child actress Tessie Agana in the title role and backstopped by child actor Boy Alano, this film was produced by Sampaguita Pictures in 1951.

Buhay Pilipino– This adaptation of a komiks serial starred Tita Duran and Pancho Magalona in a film produced in 1952 by the Vera Perez Clan of Sampaguita Pictures.

Raul Roldan– This sci-fi novel which appeared in Hiwaga komiks in 1952 starred by Efren Reyes Sr. who portrayed the the role of a man whose adventures leap-frogged to several planets as produced by MB Jr. Productions.

Ritarita– This story of a naughty girl as portrayed by Helen Grace Prospero was produced in 1952.

Basahang Ginto– This 1952 film showcased Alicia Vergel who portrayed an obedient daughter who lovingly cared for her crippled mother. This was produced by Sampaguita Pictures.

Inspirasyon– Again produced by Sampaguit Pictures in 1953, this film starred by Carmen Rosales, Norma Vales, Van de Leon, Katy dela Cruz and Ricardo Montes (later known as Ric Rodrigo).

Kiko– This comedy film starred Boy Alano in the title role, ably supported by Rosa Mia and Etang Discher, two older women who have a crush on the young man. The film was produced by Sampaguita Pictures.

Jack and Jill– Produced in 1954 by Sampaguita Pictures, this film is about a brother-and-sister team who are gay and tomboyish and were portrayed by Dolphy and Lolita Rodriguez with Rogelio dela Rosa as Lolita’s love interest.

Bondying– Fred Montilla played Bondying, the young man who retains the ways of a little boy with Myrna Delgado as his leading lady. This was produced by Sampaguita Pictures in 1954.

Mambo-Dyambo– This film is about a magical statuette which becomes alive as portrayed by funnyman Dolphy whith Panchito Alba as his sparraing partner. This fantasy comedy genre was produced by Sampaguita Pictures in 1955.

Miss Tilapia– Sampaguita Pictures’ reigning resident actress Gloria Romero portrayed the title role of a funny-looking woman with her fake disfigured teeth. The 1956 film was produced by Sampaguita Pictures .

Prinsesang Gusgusin– This modern fairy tale starred Susan Roces in the title role with Romeo Vasquez and Tito Galla. It was produced in 1957 by Sampaguita Pictures.

Diyosa– This 1957 fantasy film starred Rita Gomez a water goddess who turns human and falls in love with a pianist as played by Ric Rodrigo. It was another Sampaguita Pictures production.

Silveria (Ang Kabayong Daldalera)– This fantasy film about a talking horse which was produced by Sampaguita Pictures in 1958 starred Dolphy and Marlene Danden.

Baby Bubut– This film about an overgrown young woman girl with a mind of a little girl starred Amalia Fuentes. This was produced by Sampaguita Pictures in 1957.

Zorina-This 1958 film starred Aida Cariño in the title role.

Darna at ang Babaeng Tuod– A sequel of the Darna series, this film starred Gina Alonzo as the local wonder woman with Ric Rodrigo as her co-star. This film was produced by Peoples Pictures in 1965.

Maruja– This film about the re-incarnation of a woman from the past starred Susan Roces in the title role with Romeo Vasquez as her leading man. The supporting cast included Eddie Garcia, Luis Gonzales and Perla Bautista iunder the direction of Armando de Guzman and produced by Lea Productions in 1967.

Sisid, Dyesebel, Sisid– Vilma Santos played the mermaid in this sequel which was produced in 1968.

Bitter Sweet– This 1969 film produced by Sampaguita Pictures starred Rosemarie Sonora in this 1969 flick.

Haydee– Hilda Koronel starred in the title role of this 1970 film [produced by LEA Production with Ed Finlan as her lead partner.

Tubog sa Ginto– This award-winning film directed by Lino Brocka cast Eddie Garcia as a homesexual. A young Jay Ilagan was one of the co-stars in this 1971 film produced by LEA Productions.

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