Apr 11
KILOS KAAYUSAN NATIONAL COUNCIL ELECTED by fapweb  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Apr 11, 2014

The National Council of Kilos Kaayusan held the election of its first set of officers in a meeting held last Tuesday, April 8, at the Coconut Palace in Pasay City.

Elected officers were Ben Diokno, chairman, Prof. Gabby Lopez, president, J. V. Bautista, secretary-general of the secretariat, and Michael Lobrin, vice-president and spokesperson.

The Founding Members Assembly of Kilos Kaayusan (Movement for National Discipine) was held last February 5 at the Mini Theater of the University of Makati in Guadalupe. A delegation from the Film Academy of the Philippines, headed by Director-General Leo G. Martinez, attended the assembly as founding members.

Kilos Kaayusan has promulgated its Vision & Mission guiding philosophy as follows:

VISION: A movement that will lead, inspire, motivate and teach our people, especially the youth, to imbibe the right moral conduct and rediscover the innate goodness of the Filipino in order to build a peaceful, just, prosperous, equitable and well-governed society.

MISSION: To articulate and instill the principles and values of the movement through organized actions towards an empowered and responsible citizenry steeped in culture, education and technology.

The others who attended the April 8 elections included Jose Abueva, Alex Yano, Lenny de Jesus, Cielito Habito, Jess Varela, Francis Chua, Benjo Basa, Leo Martinez, Roberto ‘Ka Obet’ Martin and Anna Kapunan.

The movement has already lined up several projects and activities which include the following:

–Solid Waste Management Program
–Kilos Kaayuan Ayos Module
–Road Discipline
–Coastal Clean-up
–Mangrove Reforestation Program
–Park Restoration
–Kilos Kaayusan Livelihood Program
–Youth Camp
–Doon Po sa Amin

The last program is a multi-media campaign in partnership with the Film Academy of the Philippines that aims to instill a feeling of pride among Filipinos through the production and exhibition of digital videos showcasing subjects that are indigenous to the provinces, and those that embody Filipino culture or unique aspects of it (i.e. local customs or practices, folk or historical heroes, native industries, etc.).

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