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Part 2: The FAP Awards

The selection system designed by AIM (Asian Institute of Management) greatly changed the landscape of the FAP awards in 2004. In place of the traditional Electoral College were the groups of Citers, Nominators and Voters.

In consonance with the categories of the FAP Awards, the respective guilds were allocated 10 Citers, 5 Nominators and 30 Voters each. The system would virtually eliminate anomalies and discourage lobbying in
the selection of award winners.

At the pictorial of Citers inside the UP Film Center, FAP director general Leo Martinez, director Mel Chionglo, director William Mayo who is president of KDPP (Kapisanan ng Director ng Pelikulang Pilipino)

The Citers will screen the movies that were commercially shown in the previous year. Their obligation is to list down the movies that would pass their taste buds with respect to their assigned categories.

As an example, the Citer for cinematography will cite the movies with focus on cinematography only. However, there are non-category Citers (mostly guild members of assistant directors and production managers) who cite on performance.

Also attending the citers pictorial were FAP chair Atty. Espiridion Laxa and Olivia Cenizal (with nurse in white)

The UP Film Center inside the UP Diliman campus was the venue of the Citers viewing. For purposes of pictorial, the Citers were requested to wear black. The photos were to be used in the souvenir program of the FAP awards night.

The resulting list submitted by the Citers will be received by the external auditor for proper tallying. The final list of cited films will be forwarded to the Nominators for screening. The viewing is held in the FAP office.

Actors guild voters from left: Anne Villegas, Caridad Sanchez, Princess Punzalan

By the way, to be a Nominator, one should be an award winner or have been nominated by respectable award-giving bodies like Urian, FAMAS, MMFF (Metro Manila Film Festival). For the Citers and Voters, they should be guild members.

Guilds have normally 2 types of membership, i.e. professional and associate. An associate member is an aspirant to be a worker in the movie industry. Only professional members are qualified to be Citers but associates are allowed to be Voters.

The FAP secretariat for the voters viewing in the UP Film Center: Direk Boots “Butse” Plata, Rolly Calanog, Ana Fajardo, Vangie Bulay, Nonoy Vivero, Leah Apuyan, Marivic Tiburcio

The guild presidents in 2004 were William Mayo of directors, Buddy Palad of screenwriters, Joe Solo of editors, Isagani Sioson of cameramen, Manny Morfe of production designers, Tony Ramos of assistant directors and production managers, Josefino Cenizal of musical scorers, German Moreno of actors, Rolly Ruta of sound technicians, and Ben Pinga of OSFILM.

A pictorial of FAP voters: Direk Maning Borlaza, Rudy Meyer, FAP director general Leo Martinez, actor Bert Vivar, Cinematographer Isagani Sioson, Direk Romy Suzara, Direk Boots Plata

The Nominators come up with the list of 5 nominees for the 12 categories:
1. Picture
2. Director
3. Actress
4. Actor
5. Supporting Actress
6. Supporting Actor
7. Screenplay
8. Production Design
9. Editing
10. Cinematography
11. Musical Scoring
12. Sound

FAP director general Leo Martinez with a short briefing to remind voters of their responsibility to be impartial in selecting the winners of the FAP awards

The winners of the FAP awards are decided by the more than 300 Voters. It is virtually impossible to manipulate the results by bribing the Voters. Another thing, the Citing and Voting are supervised by an external auditor.

Like in traditional elections, the ballots are filled up in secrecy and lobbying is taboo. The ballots end in the huge ballot box supervised by the FAP secretariat. The ballots are then collected by the external auditor.

Lending support to FAP award voters: production manager Robert Abihay, assistant director Delfin Pante, assistant director Tony Ramos, Direk Kaka Balagtas, Direk William Mayo

For further integrity of the voting, the external auditor is the only one authorized to print the cue cards inside the envelopes that were to be opened by the presentors during the awards night.

The production designers led by Len Santos in maroon and Vic Villavicencio in striped polo shirt

Next: The FAP awards night.

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