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A DECADE OF FAPWEB by Alex J. Socorro  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Mar 21, 2014

Part 1

The Film Academy of the Philippines came up with its website in the early part of 2004. With the intention of promoting the Film Academy, the website was beautifully designed but was lacking in content.

The static website failed to get a good number of hits (readers). Since there was no regular update, the readers didn’t have the volition to re-visit the website. Besides, the access was very slow due to the heavy graphics in the design.

FAP director general Leo Martinez emphasizing a point. Beside him is Ben Pinga, president of OSFILM, Rolly Ruta, president of sound technicians, Isagani Sioson, president of cameramen and an unidentified guild officer

With the appointment of a technical consultant in April of 2004, the website was converted into an e-magazine with weekly articles relevant not only to the movie industry but to the whole entertainment industry.

The website group was headed by FAP deputy director Jesse Ejercito, Alex Socorro as editor in a temporary capacity, Buddy Palad as administrative assistant and Julie Nuñez as technical assistant trainee. Everyone was welcome to submit articles.

Flanked by Robert Arevalo and Jesse Ejercito, technical consultant Alex Socorro (in light yellow) giving out his report on the website hits. Also in photo from left: FAP chairman Atty. Espiridion Laxa, National Artist and FAP adviser Eddie Romero, Arevalo, Socorro, Ejercito, Ben Pinga (standing), Chit Sambile representing Mowelfund

With the cooperation of the website contractor and the regular updates, the e-zine format did well in the internet. From the initial 400 hits, the number rose to thousands in the subsequent weeks.

But the entry of the technical consultant did not sit well with the website contractor. Further, the technical consultant discovered that the contract was one-sided with the stipulation that all contents of the website belongs to the contracting firm.

The sumptuous dinner after the BOG meeting. National Artist Eddie Romero, FAP deputy director Jesse Ejercito looking at the camera, FAP chairman Atty. Espiridion Laxa, Editor’s guild president Jose Solo and standing with no plate is OSFILM president Ben Pinga

Since the website was completely operated by the contractor, articles, photos and other updates of the website were submitted by FAP to the contractor for uploading. And there came a time when the contractor refused to upload anything to the website.

FAP director general Leo Martinez with the OJTs from Caloocan University: Julie Nuñez, Francis Arroyo, Che Loreche, Clint Calolot. Julie is now a senior technical assistant.

To resolve the impasse, a meeting was held with the officers of the contracting firm. In attendance for FAP were Director General Leo Martinez, Chairman Espiridion Laxa, Deputy Director Jesse Ejercito and this writer as the technical consultant.

After a long argument, the service contract was rescinded and the contractor was paid P30,000 as a token for their efforts. However, the cheque was not picked up and it remains sitting in the drawer of the FAP secretariat up to this day.

The website underwent re-designing. Each guild was given a web page (inside the FAP website) where they can showcase their guilds with description and photos.

The first wifi adaptor used by the guilds to connect to the internet via the router of FAP

Another step forward for the technology, FAP acquired a wifi router. Existing computers, particulary those being used the guilds, were directly connected to the wifi router with the use of an adaptor.

FAP deputy director and FAPWEB head Jesse Ejercito meeting with the FAPWEB staff: editor Jose Carreon, admin assistant Buddy Palad, technical consultant Alex Socorro

This time FAPWEB (the Film Academy’s website group) has full control of the website contents since the group was the one doing the uploading. For further enhancement, film director and scriptwriter Jose Carreon was taken in as website editor.

A test shot of the Olympus digital camera on Manny Morfe, president of PDGP (Production Designers Guild of the Philippines)

Another leap to progress for the Film Academy was the purchase of an Olympus digital camera. Documenting the events were made easier since the photos can be conveniently archived in the computer.

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