Mar 14
MTRCB APPROVES DEPUTY CARDS FOR ACADEMY CITERS by fapweb  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Mar 14, 2014

The Committee on Deputization of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board has approved the issuance of deputy cards to 30 citers of the Film Academy of the Philippines.

FAP Director-General Leo G. Martinez expressed thanks for this in a letter sent to the MTRCB last March 10 with the names of 21 citers who are recommended for Deputization. The names of the nine other citers will be submitted later.

The submitted names included three citers each from seven guilds under the umbrella supervision of the Academy, namely, the Assistant Directors and Production Managers Association for Motion Pictures, Inc. ; the Motion Picture Audio Society of the Philippines; the United Film Editors Guild for Motion Pictures; the Screenwriters Guild of the Philippines; the Production Designers Guild of the Philippines; the Filipino Society of Cinematographers; and the Pilipino Musical Directors Association, Inc (formerly the United Film Music Directors Association of the Philippines).

In his letter to the Chairperson of the Committee on Deputization last January 13, Martinez explained:

“One of the mandates of the Film Academy of the Philippines is to recognize the creative and technical achievements of our film workers in the films that are produced within the given year. This we do through the yearly FAP Luna Awards.

The Luna Awards is the only real industry award in the sense that the film workers who are recognized are chosen by their peers in the industry”

The annual awardees are selected through a three-tiered process that involves three groups—the citers, the nominators and the voters. The citers are selected members of the creative and technical working guilds. Their task is to view all the films exhibited within the year and cite the top 12 contenders in their respective category based on set criteria.

Martinez thus explained to the committee: “Ideally, our citers should be viewing the films in movie houses during their actual run so they can better evaluate the technical as well as the creative aspects of the film as seen from the big screen. In past years, our citers were unable to do so because previous passes provided by MTRCB were not renewed. We were constrained to schedule the citers’ viewing in the FAP office using DVD copies. Consequently, some production elements of the film were diminished because of the medium.”

The issuance of the deputy cards may indeed fast-track decisions of the citers who are in the first line of the awarding process so that awarding may be scheduled in March or earlier just like what the Oscar does.

Martinez told the citers who were recommended as deputy agents that the magnanimous gesture of the Board must solicit their prompt evaluation of possible awardees on a quarterly basis so that the nominators will also be able to come up with their final nominees as early as the first weeks of January.

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