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GOPRO – THE ACTION CAMERA by Corie Henson  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Mar 14, 2014

With the current leap of technology, we can say that cameras come and go. Prospective camera buyers are sometimes in a quandary on what camera to buy. Particularly the indie movie makers, “nakakalito kasi ang bilis magpalit ng standards ang mga camera.”

The DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) cameras have high video resolutions. That means the DSLR type, aside from taking good quality photos can also be used to capture videos. And the captured videos are of movie quality.

Video cameras, specifically those used to make movies, don’t come cheap. Depende sa quality, may mga cameras na nagkakahalaga ng milyon at meron ding nagkakahalaga ng ilang libo lamang.

Ayon sa ilang veteran indie makers, the camera is directly related to film editing. Ang mga editing softwares ay may kanya-kanyang requirements na dapat mai-consider sa pagbili ng movie camera.

By the way, theaters have also their standards for the finished product. SM cinemas require DCP (Digital Cinema Package) so the video editor should check if the editing software’s output can be conveniently converted to DCP.

Back to the cameras, Pinoys have the propensity for buying cheap and making improvisations to compensate for low quality. Kaya siguro sumikat ang Panasonic at Sony dahil sa low cost.

Manufacturers have good marketing minds. Dahil alam nilang presyo ang main consideration ng karamihan kaya naglalabasan na ang mga murang camera. Black Magic, an upcoming low end camera, costs only $1,000.

Fitted with an appropriate lens filter, the Black Magic movie camera can capture and create high quality videos. Originating from Australia, kumakalat na sa Asia ang mga bagong models ng Black Magic.

Now comes GoPro. The latest model of GoPro camera has a 4K resolution, 12 megapixel photos, up to 30 frames per second. An added feature is the built-in wifi. Moreover, it is waterproof up to 131/40m. Lastly, it has 30% longer battery life.

The 4K resolution is the simulated frame size of the 35mm film which is the existing norm of theater screens while the photo with a resolution of 12 megapixels can qualify for billboards.

What is super view? Simply put, super view is a wide angle perspective, giving your shot more of the surroundings. Ang mga available settings ng frame ay narrow, ultra wide medium at ultra wide.

What is Auto Low Light mode? For super bright environments, the 1080 resolution is adjusted to 48 frames per second. For low light environment, the 1080 resolution is adjusted to 24 frames per second. The more light, the faster the frame rate.

That’s the power you get for $399. Good deal? Compared with high end cameras costing tens of thousands of dollar, this GoPro model is definitely a bargain.

The GoPro Hero3 Black Edition

The setting of 24 frames per second is the standard cinema quality which allows your content to be used by other media with no conversion needed. Remember that conversion involves loss of quality.

After checking on the features, ang isang mapapansin sa GoPro is its power in capturing action scenes. Gaya ng sabi ng kanilang blurb, GoPro is the camera for action, meaning action scenes are the specialty of GoPro.

A New York Times article says, “Inside the headquarters of GoPro, the video camera maker, there is a racing car, a collection of motorcycles, and drones outfitted with the company’s products.” Reminder daw na ang GoPro ay para sa mga action scenes.

Aside from being an action camera, gusto rin ng GoPro na maging media company. Ang ang primary media storage ng mga action videos taken by GoPro cameras numbering in millions now.

Ang bida sa action genre ng ay ang Red Bull, ang sikat na energy drink sa America at dito rin sa Pilipinas. Extreme sports ang specialty ng Red Bull na may mahigit 3 million subscribers sa kanilang youtube channel at total na 700 million views.

GoPro is a bit far behind with 1.7 million subscribers and 400 million total views. Not bad for a beginner. And if GoPro cameras will be a hit then it will easily eclipse the numbers of Red Bull.

Wifi feature ang isang kalamangan ng GoPro sa ibang cameras. Like a cellphone, the captured video clips of GoPro can easily be uploaded to the internet. Being a direct competition of cellphones in uploading to internet, no wonder sales are going up.

Making it good in short films, small movie cameras like Black Magic and GoPro have a long way to go when it comes to full length movies.

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