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KILOS KAAYUSAN LAUNCHING POSTPONED by fapweb  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Feb 21, 2014

The formal launching of Kilos Kaayusan (Movement for National Discipline), earlier scheduled at the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila in Intramuros on February 26, has been indefinitely postponed for next month.

A number of officers and members of various guilds under the umbrella supervision of the Film Academy of the Philippines had already joined the nascent group as founding members during the Founding Members Assembly last Feb. 5 at the mini theater of the University of Makati.

Kilos Kaayusan has promulgated its Vision & Mission guiding philosophy as follows:

VISION: A movement that will lead, inspire, motivate and teach our people, especially the youth, to imbibe the right moral conduct and rediscover the innate goodness of the Filipino in order to build a peaceful, just, prosperous, equitable and well-governed society.

MISSION: To articulate and instill the principles and values of the movement through organized actions towards an empowered and responsible citizenry steeped in culture, education and technology.

Reprinted herewith is the concept paper re Kilos Kaayusan:


Twenty Eight years after the EDSA People Power Revolution, Philippine society is still in a state of limbo.

Top government officials are being implicated in one of the biggest scandals involving the misuse of public funds. Corruption is so pervasive in our society that according to estimates, nearly 2 billion dollars, or roughly 13% of the Philippines’ annual budget is lost to corruption each year.

Lawlessness is still a familiar fixture in Mindanao. Armed conflict, spawned by a decades-old campaign for secession, continues to cause widespread unrest and destruction in the region.

Damage wrought by natural disasters are worsened by the government’s weak response to such emergencies. Petty political bickering often takes precedence over the urgent needs and welfare of the victims.

Investigation and prosecution for crimes take an eternity to finish, that one is tempted to think that in this country, “Crime does pay”.

While the country has posted economic gains in recent years, these have not yet spilled over to the people such that high incidence of poverty and unemployment continue to affect most Filipinos.

Over-all, the country’s situation has not changed much since 1986.

We continue to fall behind our Asian neighbors in social and economic progress. The strong and purposeful leadership by their governments, matched by the cooperation and discipline of their citizenry, led to rapid and unprecedented growth in China, South Korea, India, Singapore, Hongkong, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand.

China is poised to become the biggest economy in the world, with India close at its heels; South Korea boasts of the world’s best quality education; Hongkong has the best international airport; and skyscrapers in Malaysia, Taiwan and China are racing to post records as the highest in the world.

On our part, our political and social lives have been plagued by chaos. Our sense of community and solidarity as a nation have given way to clannish selfishness and widespread corruption. While our neighbors in Asia have been making great strides in economic development, environmental protection, and the uplift of the social and economic conditions of their people, we continue to lag behind with no immediate and viable plans of catching up.

We need to reclaim our future. And we need to do it now.

We must start by recognizing that many of our country’s problems today come from our lack of discipline and respect for our laws, compounded by the lack of political will on the part of our government leaders to practice good governance and institute tough measures that will bring about meaningful changes

We are aware that the solution to these problems cannot be left solely in the hands of government. They require the participation of the broadest segment of our population in a national movement that is committed to the ideals of a free, strong, prosperous, and modern Republic through honest and effective governance, backed by an enlightened and proactive citizenry; a national movement that is firm and resolute in its belief in the following core principles:

National Discipline. We affirm the value of National Discipline as a key to a strong, democratic and progressive society. Our country will not move forward unless we instill discipline in ourselves and in our leaders.

Good Governance. Good, effective and strong governance is key towards achieving a peaceful, just and prosperous society. Endowed with vast natural resources and an ingenious people, we believe that the Philippines has all the potential to become a rich and powerful nation if all its resources were utilized properly and not lost to unbridled corruption and poorly conceived government programs.

Prosperity for all Filipinos. Equally important as the right to live is the people’s right to prosper. The promise of EDSA will remain unfulfilled until genuine progress, development and modernization are attained and felt by every Filipino in an inclusive growth.

Perhaps at no other time in our recent history has the notion of responsible citizenship acquired a more distinct and relevant meaning than it does TODAY.

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