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KILOS KAAYUSAN by Alex J. Socorro  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Thu, Feb 6, 2014

Organized by well-meaning citizens of our country, Kilos Kaayusan held the first general assembly attended by its founding members on February 5, 2014.

As the name implies, Kilos Kaayusan is all about discipline – a movement that will lead, inspire, motivate and teach our people, especially the youth, to imbibe the right moral conduct and rediscover the innate goodness of the Filipino in order to build a peaceful, just, prosperous, equitable and well-governed society.

Host Michaelangelo Lobrin being dwarfed by the gigantic tarpaulin

Ironically, the meeting started by almost an hour late from the original schedule of 8:30 am. Michaelangelo Lobrin, the amiable host, jokingly blamed the traffic for the delay. But the traffic was part of the agenda as lamented by several speakers.

In fact, even the guest of honor narrated an anecdote. When he was still mayor of Makati, he noticed the elegant car ahead of them, the driver’s window was rolled down to toss trash right on the street.

Vice president Jejomar Binay giving his congratulatory message to Kilos Kaayusan

The good mayor alighted from his car (presumably due to a traffic stop) and picked up the trash. “Kinatok ko ang kotse. Matronang-matrona ang sakay,” to stress that the car owner was rich. The mayor returned the trash to the matron.

As per the revelation of Atty. JV Bautista of the core group, vice president Jojo Binay declined to join Kilos Kaayusan to avoid political color. However, Atty. Bautista pleaded for the support of the vice president as a guest speaker.

In the side of the stage are Atty. JV Bautista, Anna Marie Kapunan and Michael Lobrin

Other speakers, aside from the vice president and Atty. Bautista, were Mr. Jess Varela who provided the opening remarks, Prof. Gaby Lopez who presented the organizational structure, and Ms. Anna Marie Kapunan who detailed the projects.

Being a national movement, the grand plan is to start from the grassroots particulary on the youth sector. As the mission said – to articulate and instill the principles and values of the movement through organized actions towards an empowered and responsible citizenry steeped in culture, education and technology.

From the audience, renowned architect Jun Palafox emphasized the long coastline of the country that we can use to our advantage. “We are number 4 in shipbuilding,” Mr. Palafox said. He also suggested the abolition of customs to totally eradicate corruption.

FAP director general Leo Martinez explaining the Pride Campaign project

Mr. Joey Leviste, presumably from the famous Leviste clan of Batangas, mentioned the bio-diversity of marine life in Batangas. This is in consonance with the Pride Campaign advocacy of Leo Martinez, director general of the Film Academy.

Others in the audience were the group from the councilors’ league of the Philippines, the youth sector from PLM (Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila), a bishop, a military general, and some from the environmental sector.

The thrust of the activities will be focused on National Discipline, Good Governance, Prosperity for all Filipinos.

Leo Martinez talking with famed activist Linggoy Alcuaz while KAPPT president Rez Cortez is tinkering with his phone

Particularly in the streets of Metro Manila, the lack of discipline is very visible, from the motorists, pedestrians and other citizens like vendors and beggars. In fairness, queueing in transportation terminal is getting to be a norm.

The country cannot move on without good governance especially with the teeming corruption in government offices. The citizens will definitely benefit if the government can put to good use our natural resources.

Bobby Benitez, vice president of ADPM (Assistant Directors and Production Managers guild), begged for clarification on the composition of the working committees. He also criticized the so-called “secret” activity to be held on Feb. 12.

Leo Martinez, the actor, on a photo-ops with his young fans

Aside from Leo Martinez and Bobby Benitez, others representing the Film Academy were guild presidents William Mayo of the directors, Isagani Sioson of the cinematographers, and Joel Apuyan of the Assistant Directors and Production Managers.

Also in attendance were Jose Carreon, editor of www.filmacademyphil.org, Vincent Daffalong, the original Pinoy rapper, Ben Marella, Romy Orpulencia, Romulo Araojo, Andy Andico, Benny Cheng and Jaime Cuales.

Having lunch, from left: Ben Marella, Vincent Daffalong, Direk Joe Carreon, Direk William Mayo

The early birds for the Film Academy were Benny Cheng of ADPM and this writer, representing the film academy’s website.

Kilos Kaayusan will be formally launched on February 26, 2014, at the PLM in Intramuros, Manila.

As a finale, the attendees were requested to sign the manifesto signifying their intent to be part of Kilos Kaayusan as a founding member. Capping the assembly was the lunch served in the backstage.

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