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PRE WAR MOVIES by Tante de Ramos  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Thu, Feb 6, 2014

As early as 1919, Filipino films were already being produced locally. Let us
enumerate some of these films which spanned the pre-war years from 1919 to 1941.

DALAGANG BUKID: This musical was based on a popular song and starred Atang dela Rama and Marceliano Ilagan. The film 9 picture was directed by Jose Nepomuceno for Malayan Movies.

MIRACLES OF LOVE: The film starred Elizabeth “Dimples” Cooper and Vicente Salumbides .This silent picture was produced and directed by Vicente Salumbides .

TATLONG HAMBOG: The film starred Luis Tuazonand Elizabeth Dimples Cooper. It featured one of the earliest kissing scene in a Filipino film. It was produced by Jose Nepomuceno.

NANAY KO: The movie starred Mary Walter and Manuel Eloriaga and featured a Cinderella-like story of a child adopted by a man who suffered the cruelty of her stepmother and step sisters.

SATANAS: This horror film starred Alma Bella and Gregorio Fernandez and introduced Rosa del Rosario. It was directed by Jose Neomucenop for Malayan Films.

PUNYAL NA GINTO: The film starred Alma Bella, Tina del Rosario and Carlos Padilla, Sr. It was again directed by Jose Nepomuceno ands produced by Felix Paterno and Francisco Sta. Maria.

ANTING-ANTING: The film starred Rosa del Rosario and Jesus Llorente, popularly known as the Filipino Tarzan. It was produced by Fillipine Films.

HIMALA NI BATHALA: The film starred by Mary Walter , Gregorio Ticman, Rita Rica and Pedro Faustino. It was directed by Eduardo de Castro.

DIWATA NG KARAGATAN: The film starred Rogelio dela Rosa, Adela Flunkers and Mari Velez. Produced by South Seas Pictures, it was directed by Carlos Vander Tolosa.

LUHA NG INA: The film starred Rosario Moreno and Carlos Padilla , Sr. Based on this her first starring, Rosario Moreno was hailed as the Drama Queen of this Era.

ANG MANANANGGAL: This silent horror film starred Mary Walter in the title role. It was directed by Jose Nepomuceno for Malayan Movies.

ZAMBOANGA: The lead stars of the original Zamboanga were Rosa del Rosario and Fernando Poe, Sr. The South Seas romantic drama directed by Frank Ca[pra was color processed in Hollywood.

BAHAY KUBO: This film was one of the earliest pictures of National Artist Gerardo de Leon and starred Fely Vallejo and Rogelio dela Rosa, supported by Flor de Lis and Ernesto Vallejo. It was produced br Parlatone Hispano Filipino.

KUNDIMAN NG PUSO: The film starred Lina Flor, Rudy Concepcion and Francisco Monroy. The film’s setting was a broadcast studios. It was directed by Eduardo de Castro for Fillipine Films.

LERON –LERON SINTA: The film starred Lucita Goyena, Fernando Poe Sr. and Angelito Nepomuceno.

TAKIPSILIM: This musical film starred Carmen Rosales and Rogelio dela Rosa. It was one of the earliesty productions of Pedro Vera for Sampaguita Pictures.

MAHIWAGANG BINIBINI: The film starred Atang dela Rama who sang kundiman sons in the movie and Precioso Palma .This is a Diwata Films presentation where Carmen Rosales was introduced.

KABAN NG TIPAN: The film starred Lucita Goyena Luningning ,Ely Ramos and Andres Centenera. It was based on the biblical story of the Ark of the Covenant.

MAPAIT NA LIHIM: The film starred Rosario Moreno and Rudy Concepcion.

The flick was produced by the Vera clan of Sampaguita Pictures.

PARALUMAN: This film starred Paraluman and Fernando Poe, Sr. The new actress’ first screen name was Mina de Gracia but Poe Sr. thought of the film’s title as a better screen persona for Paraluman.

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