Jan 07
MPASPI ELECTION by fapweb  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Tue, Jan 7, 2014

The MPASPI (Motion Pictures Audio Society of the Philippines) held its election of officers and directors of the board last Saturday, January 4 at Teachers’ Village, Quezon City.

The general assembly meeting, attended by 21 sound technicians of the movie industry, tackled the mission/vision of the guild and the current financial status. As per the report of president Rolly Ruta, there is a need to renew the guild’s registration with government agencies like SEC and BIR.

From left: Nonong Reyes, Domingo Zafe, FAP director general Leo Martinez, Albert Rima, Rolly Ruta, Nolet Clemente, Tony Benavidez, Arnold Reodica

The elected officers and directors of the board:

President – Rolly Ruta
Vice president – Albert Rima

Domingo Zafe
Nonong Reyes
Tony Benavidez
Nolet Clemente
Arnold Reodica

The tally board flanked by Nonong Reyes and Lino Trinidad

The positions for secretary and treasurer are to be appointed by the MPASPI board soon. Acting as comelec were Lino Trinidad and Alex Socorro.

The sound technicians with special guest Leo Martinez of the Film Academy

The election was also a belated Christmas party for the sound engineers guild.

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