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VIEWER VIEWS OF 2013 CITERS by Alex J. Socorro  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Tue, Jan 7, 2014

Part 2

The viewing of Luna Awards citers were held every Mondays, Wednes-days and Fridays of December. Screening started at 10:30 am to give time to those who live far from the Mowelfund Plaza. The second movie was shown by 1:00 pm.

There is a suggestion for the guild presidents to hold a session for the benefit of the voters, the last group in selecting the Luna Award winners. Most of the voters do not know all the criteria for all the categories.

Director Bert Ortega mentioned the issue of increasing the transportation allowance of the citers. “Masyadong maliit ang two hundred. Kulang pa sa gasolina,” he complained. However, the budget for the activity depends on the availability of funding.

For the five or so citers per guild– a projected 48 total citers– the Academy would be spending P9,600 per day not including the food and rental of the venue plus miscellaneous items like coffee.

Speaking of the venue, most of the citers prefer the Mowelfund Plaza than the Film Center of UP (University of the Philippines). “Parang private kasi rito sa Mowelfund,” commented a veteran citer. “Saka masarap ang pagkain,” he added.

Guilds are required to have at least 5 Citers to screen the pre-selected movies with commercial showing in 2013.

Here are the comments for the viewed films:

OTSO – “Magulo. Parang pinaghalo-halo ang mga montage.” A gay citer said, “Halata ang director, ano? Parang gustong hubaran yung lalake.” The actor was wearing skimpy briefs.

LAURIANA – For a period film, it was nicely done. “Mahusay ang acting ni Allen Dizon. Kaya lang may mga bold scenes na hindi naman kailangan,” a veteran cinematographer remarked.

The writer, who is also a Citer, with Rolly Ruta, president of the sound technicians and his vice president, Albert Rima. Also in photo is Joel Apuyan, the re-elected president of Assistant Directors and Production Managers.

BAMBOO FLOWERS – Maganda, deserving ng palakpakan. “Bale tatlong story na pinaghalo tapos wala namang connection. Sana ginawa na lang trilogy,” a production manager commented.

SONATA – Best actress si Cherie Gil, ang husay talaga. “Nice story kaya lang napakasimple ang pagkamatay ng batang lalake, nalunod. Ganun lang?” queried a member of the screenwriters guild.

LIHIS – Dramatic background but obviously promoting the 3rd gender. A gay love story inside the NPA ranks. “Puro kabadingan …” wailed an assistant director, referring to the graphic scenes of homosexuality.

Listening to Leo Martinez are Direk Bert Ortega, Direk Jun Posadas, and Tintoy who is standing. Partly shown is Direk Joe Carreon.

TAG-ARAW NI TWINKLE – Nice story of merging the characters of an NPA and a general, former enemies who became friends because of a common factor. “Ellen Adarna as Twinkle deserves a nomination,” a director said.

ANO ANG KULAY NG MGA NAKALIMUTANG PANGARAP? – A poignant story of an aging nanny in the person of Rustica Carpio. “Ang husay ng mga dialogue, magaling talaga sa dialogue si Joey Javier Reyes,” a director opined.

TINIK – Another gay movie tackling the trials and tribulations of of an aging gay. “Hindi ko akalain na kaya pala ni Ricardo Cepeda ang bading role,” a sound technician remarked on the fine acting of Cepeda in the lead role.

Enjoying the sumptuous lunch were singer Mar Lopez and former child actor Direk Dante Pangilinan. His back to the camera is Domeng Zafe, vice president of UFIMDAP

The viewing of citers ended on a good note with informal gatherings of some guilds in the canteen area. The night was highlighted by a videoke session participated in by FAP director general Leo Martinez and directors’ guild president William Mayo.

Some other highlights of the last working day (of the Film Academy) were the election of ADPM and FSC. The Assistant Directors and Production Managers re-elected Joel Apuyan for president with Bobby Benitez as vice.

Together with the transportation allowance, the Citers received some giveaway items of imported pretzels and oranges

Selected Metro Manila Film festival entries will be viewed when the viewing resumes in early January.

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