Oct 26
FAP HOLDS 4-DAY ADVANCED COMPUTER WORKSHOP by fapweb  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Oct 26, 2007

Seven Film Academy of the Philippines guild members completed the first ever advanced version of the FAP Computer Workshop which was held during the weekends of October 13-14 and 20-21.

The seven new computer literates with their following specialization are as follows:

Alex Cabrera of PDGP and Fely Reyes of Filmworkers Cooperative (Graphics editing/Adobe Photoshop); Joylin Apostol and Liziel Cadiz, both sponsored by FAP (Internet-Email. Forum, Blog), Lani Tolentino of SGP and Victor Nota of FAP (Technical Housekeping), and Bong Pavia of ADPM (Spreadsheet-Excel).

From Left: Joylin Apostol, Lani Tolentino, Alex Cabrera, Victor Nota, Bong Pavia, Liziel Cadiz and Fely Reyes.

The 4-day Advanced Computer Workshop gave the participants a deeper understanding of their chosen subject matter via the so-called Independent Immersion where a participant is allowed to explore the software all by himself.

“It’s actually a method to give the participants the needed confidence,” says Alex Socorro, the workshop instructor. “Ang kalaban kasi ng computer user, lalo na pag mga adults, ay yung fear o resistance nila to learn the technology.” And after conquering their fear, the participants were able to exploit the available tools at their command.

The most exciting of the major discipline is the Technical Housekeeping where Lani and Victor experienced formatting hard disks and installing the Operating System.

Graphics Editing proved to be a challenge even to an artist like Alex Cabrera. The Internet learners enjoyed surfing and they were able to create a blog site of their own.

However, there was a unanimous consensus that the workshop duration should be lengthened to at least 6 days so the participants will have more time on the computer. To compensate for the lack of time, most participants come in as early as 9:00 am to get a good headstart.

The simple graduation ceremonies was presided by Film Director William Mayo.

The primary target-beneficiaries of the computer workshop are the film editors, sound technicians, scriptwriters and musical scorers. But any one in the movie industry is welcome to enroll. For the next courses, slated is a basic workshop after the Luna Awards and an Advanced workshop thereafter. These workshops are now expanded to 6 days, that’s 3 weekends.

Computer Workshops are held at the FAP office on the ground floor of the OctoArts building, Panay Avenue, QC from 10 am to 4 pm on weekends only. For those interested to attend the Basic of the Advanced sessions, you can call FAP at 415-3880.