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CITERS 2013 by Alex J. Socorro  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Dec 6, 2013

The Film Academy of the Philippines has started the screening of local movies shown in 2013. This first stage is for the Citers, the first group to select the possible winners for the Luna Awards.

Each Citer has to indicate a Yes or a No as rating to the screened movie with the criterion respective of their category. So cinematographers will cite based on the cinematography only and editors will cite regarding the editing of the movies, etc.

The registration handled by Lorna Balmes and Raquel Paz

The selected movies of the Citers will be forwarded to the Nominators for the second stage. The Nominators will come up with the nominees in each category. And the Voters, in the third stage, will vote which among the nominees are the best in their categories.

Included in the screening are the entries of MMFF (Metro Manila Film Festival) and local movies shown in the later part of the year. There are 12 categories that include the performance of lead and supporting actors.

Seen as early birds in the Citer screening area were cinematographer Oscar Querejero and assistant director Tom Torres. Other early comers were Bobby Villagracia and Helen Lasquite of SGP (Screenwriters Guild of the Philippines).

Raquel Paz of the FAP secretariat, giving a short orientation to the Citers

Most of the designated Citers are veterans but Raquel Paz of the FAP secretariat gave a short briefing for the benefit of the new Citers. She emphasized that Citers should rate the movies independently. Block voting is not permitted.

Former matinee idol and film director Cloyd Robinson was glad to be part of the Citers once more. “Parang ito na ang reunion of sorts natin,” he said then asked why Direk Bebong Osorio was not in the list of Citers for the category of directing.

Tintoy hopes that the Film Academy will continue with these activities to liven up the boring lives of retirees in the movie industry. He also appreciates the transportation allowances given by the Film Academy to the Citers.

The Citer viewing is held inside the 30-seater Tama Ng Cinema inside Mowelfund Plaza

Rudy Tabotabo, the treasurer/secretary of the editor’s guild, had requested the viewing to be held from morning to afternoon instead of afternoon only showing. “Para hindi mahirap umuwi kasi rush hour na ang five o’clock,” Rudy said of his approved request.

In an incident, cinematographer Roger Baruelo suffered a dizzy spell that caused a mild panic among the Citers. It turned out that Roger was on a drinking spree the night before and had lacked sleep.

Relative to the dizzy spell, Ernie Cruz of UFIMDAP (United Film Musical Directors Association of the Philippines) made a pitch of his product – funeral insurance. For 500 pesos, a FAP member can be insured for one year to cover burial expenses.

The Citers for the sound category, mostly members of MPASPI (Motion Picture Audio Society of the Philippines

It is sad that the preview copy of Tuhog sent by the producer was obviously a draft version. The sound was not mixed and there were missing sound and unnecessary sound. For the Citers in the sound category, Tuhog got a failing mark.

Direk William Mayo, the president of PMPDA (Philippine Motion Picture Directors Association) informally announced that the next Luna Awards, slated early next year, will be covered by GMA News TV (Channel 11).

According to Tess Celestino, the event producer of the Luna Awards, Solaire will be the venue of the awards night. Ms. Celestino promised that the 2014 Luna Awards will be attended by luminaries in the movie industry.

Veteran musician and film director Pablo Vergara being interviewed by the GMA7 crew for Tunay Na Buhay.

Another side event was the interviews done by the Tunay Na Buhay group of GMA7. They interviewed musician and film director Pablo Vergara, sound technician Rolly Ruta and comedian/director Tintoy.

The first movie is previewed by 10am and the second screening starts at 1pm. Citers are treated to catered lunch. For the first day, there was fried chicken and chop suey. Coffee is served any time.

Food for the Citers catered by Lea Apuyan

The viewing of movies is held in the Tama Ng Cinema in Mowelfund Plaza every Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays that will last until early next year.

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