Oct 19
BERLIN FILMFEST CO-PRODUCTION MARKET by fapweb  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Fri, Oct 19, 2007

Local filmmakers and producers can submit film projects or concepts seeking
co-production partners through the Fifth Berlin Filmfest Co-Production Market which will be held on February 10 to 12 next year.

According to a letter from the office of the undersecretary for international economic relations of the Department of Foreign Affairs to Film Academy of the Philippines Director General Leo G. Martinez, local filmmakers and producers have up to November 1, 2007 to submit their co-production ventures.

By Christmas, the Berlin Filmfest Co-Production Market officials will select the projects that will be presented in the Co-Production Market catalogue. This catalogue will be e-malied to all Co-Production Market participants about three weeks before the Filmfest.

The main partners of the Co-Production Market are the MDM Film Commission and the European Union’s MEDIA Programme.

The system calls for participants to go over the selected projects in the catalogue and let the Co-Production Market secretariat know which producers of the selected projects they would like to meet individually.

The Berlin Filmfest Co-Production Market team, headed by Project Manager Sonja Heinen, will provide assistance to facilitate the meeting between producers and participants.

Aside from the one-on-one meetings, participants and producers will be briefed on financing opportunities and current trends during Case Study sessions.

Informal round-table discussions will provide participants and producers information about current production conditions and co-production opportunties through expert resource persons.

Participarting producers can also make contacts through successive, informal ten-minute meetings. Berlin Filmfest Director Diefer Kosslick described the Co-Production Market as “a home for international producers and financiers attending the Berlinnale. Here they find what they usually look for at a festival: high quality international projects, excellent business contacts and new opportunities for co-operations with other countries.”

The project to be submitted must be feature film projects for theatircal release; suitable for international co-production; with available English version of the script; with budgets between 2 to 10 million euros; and with at least 30% of the financing already secured. It is preferable that the company must already have completed one international co-production project. A six to eight page treatment in English must also be submitted.

In the first three years of the Berlin Filmfest Co-Production Market, a total of 51 projects were produced and completed. Many of these films had their theatrical run already. Eleven films were shown in prestigious international film festivals.

In last February’s Berlin Filmfest, a product of the Co-Production market was shown. This was El Otro which became a two-time Bear winner.

Other Co-Productions Market films included Parpados Azules by Ernesto Contreras which was shown at Cannes; Mongol by Serrgei Bodrov which was premiered at Toronto; and Salir Pitando by Alvaro Fernandez Armero which opened throughout Spain last September 21.

The DFA refers those interested to directly contact the organizers through e-mail coproductionmarket@berlinale.de or website: www.berlinale.de.