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DIRECTORS’ CUT ACTORS by Alex J. Socorro  |  Posted in Articles  |  on Tue, Nov 19, 2013

For production people, the rapport of their lead actors is big factor especially during the first day of shooting. “Gaganahan ka ba kung masungit ang artista?” asked a veteran director. The work is faster when there is no friction among the cast and crew.

Number one in the list of smiling face is Boots Anson Roa. “Maganda na, palabati pa,” and educated as well, a director added. Another smiling face is action star Robin Padilla who try to mingle with the production people.

Mowelfund executive director Boots Anson Roa with Sound Technician guild president Rolly Ruta

Few know that FPJ, aside from being the actor, director and occasional writer, was also a location master. He was the one who decided the location of the shooting. FPJ also checked on the smallest detail of the set.

FPJ was very serious with his career as an action star. In Kalibre .45, circa 1980, FPJ had noticed that he was kind of slow compared to his co-star, the former stuntman named Lito Lapid. FPJ told his secretary to remind him not to cast young action stars again.

More serious with his acting career is a former action star whose last shot to the limelight was the money issues with his ex. Being a protégé of the great Lino Brocka may have caused him to be a know-it-all when it comes to acting.

The former action star had the wont to coach his co- actors in the set, unmindful of their feelings. One time, he gave an unsolicited advice to Luis Gonzales right on the set. “Masyadong magaling,” commented the veteran actor in disgust.

Phillip Salvador with theater booker Dominic Du and Victor Villegas

Like FPJ, Rudy Fernandez had his own brand of generosity. He gives advances to production staff even on the first day of shooting. When Direk Felix Dalay got sick (of cancer), Rudy had him hospitalized in the same hospital where Rudy was confined.

Of generosity, Ai Ai is well known especially during the Christmas season. “One million ang budget ni Ai Ai sa pa-raffle,” said a tabloid reporter of Ai Ai’s generosity to showbiz reporters.

Contrary to generosity, this multi-talented comedian has the notoriety of being extremely thrifty. He collects remnants of bath soap for later use. He also shines his own shoes.

Ironically, this multi-talented comedian popularized a character of a wastrel.

The author with Enrique Arcega, popularly known as Tintoy, the sidekick of famous comedian Chiquito

A shocking discovery was the lovelife of this multi-talented comedian. “Maraming anak sa iba-ibang babae,” confessed his sidekick who later on became a director. To think that his racehorses carried his wife’s name, who would think that he was a womanizer?

The late Direk Baby Navoa intimated, “Bata pa yang kambal ay napansin ko na agad na malambot yung isa.” The twins were shooting their first movie. That opinion, it seems, is shared by everyone in the movie industry.

It’s shocking to learn that a former action star was honest to goodness gay. “Yung laki ng kamay niya pag hinipuan ka,” said a director while laughing. It is no secret, among the production people of the action star’s gender. He died of a mysterious skin disease.

More on the gay issue, it’s sad to note that a former matinee idol who had married his equally popular co-star ended up in a disastrous relation. His wife left for abroad upon discovering the matinee idol in bed with a man.

Jao Mapa

While editing a bed scene between a rising young stud and a brutally frank and controversial bold actress, the director was shocked to hear the actress with her ad lib. That she wants the young man to stop acting and do the real thing.

In real life, Dolphy and Panchito are playful especially when on the set. One time a co-star went to the toilet and after all was said and done, the co-star couldn’t come out because his pants was hidden by Dolphy.

In another instance, a co-star was unmindful of his coffee cup on the table. When the time came to sip the cup, lo and behold – there was a pustiso (false denture) inside the cup, courtesy of mischievous Panchito.

The ageless character actor and part time comedian Eddie Garcia with Film Academy director general Leo Martinez

Eddie Garcia is another mischief-doer on the set. He has the penchant for “trying” to ruin the continuity like wearing the wrong clothes or holding the wrong props. After the take, he would point it out to the director. So a take 2 would ensue.

Inheriting the throne from Etang Discher and Mary Walter, this prima contravida was well liked by the production staff. And the feeling is mutual, said a young and debonair director who was surprised to hear, “Direk, i-date mo naman ako mamaya, ha.”

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