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Fifteen new films are featured in this year’s Cinema One Originals indie filmfest which will run until November 19 in three downtown Metro Manila cinema complexes—Glorietta, Robinson’s Galleria and Trinoma.

This is the 9th year of the Cinema One Originals Filmfest featuring five films in the Cinema One Plus (with P2 million budget) category and 10 films in the Cinema One Currents (with P1 million budget) category.

The Cinema One Plus films are the following:

1. Alamat ni China Doll by Adolfo Alix Jr
Twenty-seven-year-old Hellen, who lives with her grandmother in an island in the South, is intent on graduating from high school and starting a new life. Her plans are derailed when she comes across a published article detailing the “truth about China Doll.” She struggles to make sense of the revelation as she is confronted by her past. The film stars Angelica Panganiban, Cesar Montano, Anita Linda, and Phillip Salvador.

2. Blue Bustamante by Miko Livelo
“Blue Bustamante” was inspired by Livelo’s fondness of ’90s Pinoy comedies and Japanese anime. The film, shot in Japan, narrates the story of a jobless Overseas Filipino Worker who agrees to double for Blue Force, a superhero character cast in an upcoming Japanese show. The film stars Jun Sabayton, Joem Bascon, Dimples Romana, and Jhiz Deocareza.

3. Kabisera by Borgy Torre
“Kabisera” is an action film tracing a character’s transformation from an innocent family man to a ruthless drug dealer. The film’s plus factor lies in the fact that it’s not just a family story or a story about a friendship. The film stars Joel Torre, Art Acuna, Bernard Palanca, Meryll Soriano, Bing Pimentel, and Ketchup Eusebio.

4. Sitio by Mes de Guzman
“Sitio” revolves around upper middle-class siblings who move to the province in search of a simpler life. Little do they know, there are terrors underneath a seemingly peaceful rural life. The film stars John Prats, Biboy Ramirez, RK Bagatsing, Ria Garcia, and Anja Aguilar.

5. Woman of the Ruins by Keith Sicat
Science fiction film “Woman of the Ruins” is set in a storm-ravaged island where a person who was assumed dead mysteriously resurfaces. The film delves into the evil that could arise when society’s pressures are compounded on a single person. The film stars Alessandra de Rossi, Art Acuna, Elizabeth Oropesa and Peque Gallaga.

The Cinema One Currents films are the following::

1. Angustia by Kristian Cordero
Set in 19th Century Bicolandia, a Spanish friar falls for a woman of indigenous origins. Paranoia drives the Spanish friar to murder. The film stars Alex Medina, Jazmin Llana, Vic Loquias, Mitch Smith and Maria Isabel Lopez.

2. Ang Pagbabalat ng Ahas by Timmy Harn
A lower middle-class family moves in to an upper middle-class village where a mad scientist is keeping a snake-man. The film stars Mervyn Brondial, Kay Brondial, Carl Sebastian Sanchez, Liza Lorena, Jaime Fabregas, Gio Alvarez, Ji-an Lachica, Sasi Casas, Rose Galvez, Miguel Reyes, Marija Vicente, Gino Javier, Rox Lee and Charles Salazar.

3. Islands by Whammy Alcazaren
A spacecraft lands through the geographies of the fictional film, ISLANDS, and the reality in which it is being filmed as a movie. The film stars Luis Alandy, Benjamin Alves, Meryll Soriano, Alizon Andres, Donna Matibag, Marita Zobel, Irma Adlawan, Jhizeli Deocareza, Peque Gallaga, Acey Aguilar and Anna Luna.

4. Bukas Na Lang Sapagkat Gabi Na by Jet Leyco
A four-part narrative of three related occurrences during the time of Martial Law. The film stars Raul Morit, Leuel Silvestre, Maria Veronica Santiago, Hector Macso, Jack Yabut, Dan de Guzman, Herald Gregory Chavez, Peewee O’Hara, Emlyn Olfindo Santos, Paolo Domingo, Flor Salanga, Renerio Concepcion, Max Celeda, Angelo Hulip and Carlon Matobato.

5. Iskalawags by Keith Deligero
An aching tale of friendship, youth, and a journey towards self-discovery in this coming of age story in the smalltown of Camtes Island in Cebu. The film stars Kerwin Otida, Reynadlo Formentera, Windel Otida, Johnreil Lunzaga, Micko Maureillo, Mark Lawrence Montalban and Jeric Raval.

6. Saturday Night Chills by Ian Larenos
Three long-time friends take on the odds as they explore the dark world of illegal sports gambling in the Philippines. The film stars Rayver Cruz, Matteo Guidicelli, Joseph Marco, David Chua and Miki Raval.

7. A Philippino Story by Benjamin Garcia
A cautionary tale about the dangers of male prostitution. The film stars Mark Gil, Jun-Jun Quintana, Nor Domingo, Kimmy Maclang and Rolando Inocencio.

8. Shift by Seige Ledesma
When an idealistic, tomboyish, call center slacker is mentored by a pragmatic, gay senior agent, an unconventional relationship blossoms that would challenge their most personal convictions. The film stars Yeng Constantino, Felix Roco, Alex Medina and Matt Valena.

9. Bendor by Ralston Jover
Forty days before the annual Good Friday procession of the miraculous 400-year-old Black Nazarene statue at the Quiapo church in Manila, an early morning mass is disrupted when a candle vendor finds a blood-soaked box with a dead fetus inside. The film stars Vivian Velez, Sue Prado, Evelyn Vargas, Anna Luna, Lester Lansang, Chanel Latorre, Nico Antonio and Czarina Alcantara.

10. Riddles of my Homecoming by Arnel Mardoquio
The Lumads and Moros of Mindanao have a traditional belief that when a person dies, his soul goes back to his homeland. The film stars Fe ‘Gingging’ Hyde, Jillian Khayle Barbarona, Jeff Sabayle, Christine Austero, Madz Garcia and Perry Dizon.

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